Long Service Awards

Service Awards are awarded for years service as an adult member of the Scout Association in increments of 5 years. 

November 2020

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David Harvey – K2 Explorers  – Assistant Explorer Leader

Anne Croll – 5th Farnham (Bourne) – Assistant Beaver Leader

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Linda German – Farnham District – Scout Active Support Unit

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Karl Arnold – Farnham District – Scout Active Support Unit

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Paul Hammersley – Elstead Eagles – Explorer Leader

Simon Hancock  – Elstead Eagles – Assistant Explorer Leader

Liz Larkin – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – Group Scout Leader

Brennan Healey – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – Assistant Scout Leader

Philip Drapper – 4th Farnham (Tongham) – Assistant Scout Leader

Joe Hutchins – 4th Farnham (Tongham) – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

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Ken Allan – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – Group Treasurer

Helen Monroe – 3rd Farnham – Group Administrator

Simon Lomas-Clarke – 3rd Farnham – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Surinder Rattan – 4th Farnham (Tongham) – Beaver Scout Leader

Naomi Springer – 5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Cub Scout Leader

Dan Josty- 5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Cub Scout Leader

Elspeth Fletcher – 5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Jack Fidler – Farnham District/5th Farnham (Bourne)  – District Youth Commissioner/Assistant Scout Leader

Ian Turton – K2 Explorers/5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Assistant Explorer/Groups Scout Leader

Richard Banes-Walker – 8th Farnham (Rowledge) – Cub Scout Leader

Richard Adolph – 8th Farnham (Rowledge) – Assistant Scout Leader

Louise Cocks – 8th Farnham (Rowledge) – Assistant Scout Leader




Wood Badges

Since September 1919 adult volunteers in the Scouts have been awarded the Wood Badge on the completion of their leader training.  

The current training is module driven in a combination of courses, 1:1 sessions, workbooks and validation of practical skills; drawing from the leaders life knowledge and experience.

It is mandatory that a leader complete the training within 3 years of taking on a role; if a leader changes role they have to revalidate certain modules of the training and additional modules if their role is a ‘managerial’ role(GSL,ADC).

Please discuss with your Training Adviser to progress your training. Wood Badge Training Link

HQ process applications throughout the year and issues Wood Badge Beads and Certificates 4 times a year.

November 2020

Denise Weller – Explorer Leader – Madcats

Liz Chart – Group Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Ian Turton – Group Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Nicky Clements – Assistant District Commissioner – Farnham District

Remembrance 2020

Remembrance 2020




7th Elstead Remembrance Video












Readiness Risk Level moves to RED in England

The Scout Association has announced that for the duration of the 4 week lockdown the Readiness Risk Level moves to RED in England.

E-mails should have been received by all members.


This means that all face to face scouting must cease from Thursday 5th November 2020.

Each Volunteer, Section, Groups/Unit will decide on the level of virtual Scouting that they can provide – all decisions will be respected and full support given in all circumstances.

Both the District Scout Shop and Garners Field will close during this 4 week lockdown.

I will let you know once the TSA changes their risk level and the conditions of that level.

Please stay safe and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Farnham District Scout Council
Ann-Marie Vinnicombe
District Commissioner
Farnham District Scout Council
T: +44 (0)7410381071 | E: dc@farnhamscouting.com | W: https://www.farnhamscouting.com

From tomorrow in England there can be no face-to-face activity with young people or adult volunteers, in accordance with…

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