Remembrance 2021 – Farnham District Scouts

Hale, Bourne, Elstead, Rowledge and Wrecclesham (2nd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 12th)



Central Farnham (3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, Explorers, Network and SASU)





Garners Field – Archery, All Weather Shelter and Climbing Wall.

A lot of work has happened on the Archery Range, the All-Purpose Shelter and Climbing Wall at Garners Field.


Thank you to Kristal Derrick (Hampshire Scouts Assessor) for helping to finalise the design, Ray Deare (Monday Crew) for creating the range design including organising materials and putting it together with the help of the Monday Crew – oh and getting a grant to help pay for this and the shelter improvements, Gary Thain (Warden) for organising the bows, arrows and targets.

The range is a Come and Try It range and governed by the Archery GB rules in regard to set up/equipment.  The range can be booked via the campsite booking form; 1.5 hour session is £25 including borrowing equipment (£10 with your own equipment.)

Check if available:

You must has a Scout Permit holder to run the session; if your Group does not have one please contact me and I can e-mail District Permit holder to see if they are available.

Please see current permit holders including from our recent course held at Garners Field. –

All Purpose Shelter

The shelter is used for shooting activities; as such it has now been refitted to ensure this is safer and there is less damage to the structure.

Thank you to Hamish and Kim White for co-ordinating the requirements and doing the work on the refit.


The shelter must be booked via the Campsite Booking form and costs £10 per 1.5hr session; there is no District fire arms however Tongham Hogshots and 5th Farnham (Bourne) do have fire arms and we have a number of NRSA qualified leaders across the District – please ask.

Climbing Wall

Our climbing wall has been inspected and is now in line with the relevant standards.

Thank you to Neil Peerman (DNSC/GSL/Exec), Bill Weller (GSL/Exec), Philip German (Warden) and Gary Thain (Warden) for their hard making repairs, pulling together the necessary paperwork and co-ordinating work done to get the wall pass the inspection.

The wall will re-open in the new year once all equipment has been review and renewed as appropriate and safe.

The wall must be booked via the campsite booking form.



Garners Field Campsite Booking:


Archery Course

Thank you to Kristal Derrick,  Bob Miles and Jeremy Burden from Hampshire Scout Archery for coming to Garners Field on 6th/7th November 2021 to train 17 leaders to be able to run archery sessions.


Well done to the following for achieve their archery permit;

Ann-Marie Vinnicombe – District

Matt Larkin – District

Danielle Amies – District

Davis Clements – District

Liz Larkin – 2nd Farnham (Hale)

Ellie Rees – 3rd Farnham

James Rogers – 3rd Farnham

Steve Rattan – 4th Farnham (Tongham)

Daryl Waterman – 4th Farnham (Tongham)

Diego Colombo – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

George Cowdry – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Debbie Ollerenshaw – 7th Farnham (Elstead)

Laura Dando – – 7th Farnham (Elstead)

Marc Harry – 7th Farnham (Elstead)

Richard Thorpe – 7th Farnham (Elstead)

Adam Chamber – 12th Farnham (Wrecclesham)

James Barrow – 2nd Bentley


Existing Archery Permit Holders:

Gary Thain District
Eleanor Hughes District
Annie Armfield District
Dave Cocker 4th Farnham (Tongham)
Gloria Barnard 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Gulfer Budden 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Angela Cowdry 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Ian Edwards 5th Farnham (Bourne)
David Fennell 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Oscar Gutierrez Martinez 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Ed Hill 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Dan Josty 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Judith Parish 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Stephen Parish 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Martine Trebucq 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Guy Elliot 11th Farnham (St Andrews & St.James)
Farnham Scout Shop

Farnham District Scout Shop seeking Volunteers

Farnham Scout Shop seeking Volunteers

The Farnham District Scout shop (located at Daniel Hall, Farnham) supplies Scouting uniform and accessories for all ages and in the process makes a small profit that is passed on to promote local scouting.

Such is made possible by Volunteers who help keep the Shop open throughout the year on Thursday evenings 6 – 8pm and Saturday mornings 9.30 – Noon.  Please note the Shop closes during the Easter, Summer and Christmas school holidays.

More Shop details including photos can be found online at:

We have reached a stage where we urgently need additional volunteer staff to help maintain our service.

Our Volunteers work in pairs, are given on the spot training and typically only commit to one or at most two sessions per month with full flexibility possible.

Through interaction with fellow volunteers and customers (be they parents, youngsters or Leaders) it is generally agreed that time spent ‘behind the counter’ can be both rewarding and sociable.

If you are 18 years or older and able to offer a few of hours each month/each term to help at a Shop session of your choice i.e. Thursday evening or Saturday morning, would you please contact Roy (Shop Manager) either by email: or home phone: 01428-607848 (any time) to learn more. No prior scouting knowledge or shop experience is required although if you decide to join the team you will be asked to be DBS checked as required by Scouting HQ’s safeguarding programme.

Please give the above your serious consideration and if at all interested, make contact.

Kind regards.

Roy  Tubbs

Scout Shop Manager

The Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC)

The Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC)

The Appointments Advisory Committee’s main function is to assist with the process of appointing and welcoming volunteers into the Scouts by advising on their suitability.

Their purpose is to:

Welcome the new volunteers to the Scouts.
Ensure that new volunteers are aware and accept the values, policies and promise of the Scouts.
Support volunteers to understand the requirements of their role.
Check that the new volunteer knows where to go for support and who to ask if they need some help.

The Farnham District AAC meets as often is needed welcoming up to 3 new volunteers in a session arranged around the committee and the volunteers.

I like to thank Jane Twitchin who has been our Appointments Secretary for the last 4 years and for agreeing to train up her replacements.

We have decided to split the role to share the load (we are open to variants)

Appointments Secretary

Keep track of appointments email account

New candidates – welcome email and advise of appointments committee

Get reference checks, follow up GSL etc once approved

Appointments Coordinator

Set up appointment panels; book room.

Set up appointments with candidates, ring round, follow up

Follow up on role changes and determine if appointments panel needed

If you are interested, able to help, full training will be given, please get in touch – without this role we can not successfully bring in much needed new volunteers into the District.



Ann-Marie Vinnicombe
District Commissioner
Farnham District Scout Council

T: +44 (0)7410381071 | E: | W: