April 2014

DC Notes to District 1st April




Congratulations to Ken Powell on being awarded Scouting’s highest honour The Silver Wolf.


Ken’s contribution to the success of the 5th Farnham Bourne, Farnham’s largest group, has been immense. He continues his scouting as campsite chairman and valued adviser to his group and district.

Ron Binfield has been awarded a Bar to the Silver Acorn for his continuing commitment to Garners Field. Ron carries out the role of warden with charm and cheerfulness.

Robert Humphrey has been awarded The Silver Acorn for his continuing support for The 3rd’s. Robert has spent many hours working on grants and fund-raising for the Daniel Hall and has cycled around Viet Nam on a sponsored cycle ride.

I enjoyed The Beaver swimming Gala on Saturday and well done to all who took part especially the triumphant 3rds.

A cold dark evening at Garners was the Venue for 5th’s Gold Awards where a hot cup of chocolate was much appreciated.

I visited 2nds Beavers to give Brennan Healey and Tony Macer their wood badges and enjoy a noisy colony of happy Beavers.

Nicky Clements, Berni Peters and Paul Hamersley are now night’s away advisors. Please encourage as many leaders as possible to get their permits so we can get our children out camping.

Please send all training modules etc. to Steve Thames out training administrator.



Please check your entry in our local directory and inform Roy Tubbs of any discrepancies. Also please check your entry on the HQ site as this will be crucial to Compass working when it comes in in the Autumn.


Please make a date for 7th December 3pm when we are planning a Scout Carol service at Farnham Parish Church.

I am hoping we may also be able to ask other youth organisations to join us.

The service will have a series of readings chosen to appeal to the children with favourite carols accompanied by tableaux acted out.

Any stage managers/ acting coaches who would like to help would be most welcome.



Situations Vacant

LTM Local training Manager

Newsletter Editor

ADC Cubs.

Dates From District Diary

27th April St Georges Day 10.30 am Farnham Castle

7th April SASu Garners 8pm

12th April Climbing training 10.00

28th April Climbing training 18.30

6th May SASu Garners

11th May Woodland Woggle 2nds sponsored walk and run Hampton Estate

4th June SASU Garners

6-8th June Cub camp Bentley Copse

14th June Beaver Fun Day Garners

19th June District Executive

27th June Scout  about weekend Ardingly

3rd July SASu Summer BBQ 6.30pm

17th July AGM 8pm Garners

4th October Beaver outing to Greenwich

23rd October ADC/GSL meeting 8.15pm at The Daniel Hall (3rds)

7th December 3pm Scouts Carol Service St Andrews Parish Church Farnham

8-10th May 2015 Frantic

June 2015 Bazazz

February/March 2014

DC Notes to District 1st March 2014

I was very sad to have to cancel Family Camp. The reason was initially the Guides being worried that we would damage their field after all the heavy rain, but we soon agreed with them that the traffic from 600 plus people and their cars would possibly plough up the campsite and might take years to repair.

So sorry about that but we are planning a St Georges Day celebrations at Farnham Castle Keep on the morning of the 27th of April when we will all remake our promises and remember St George in a real castle!

One of this year’s recipients of The Farnham Medal was Sue Hepburn and I was honoured to join Robert Humphries and Reece Hepburn to see Sue honoured by Farnham’s Mayor.

Sue Hepburn











Well done Brennan Healey from 2nd Farnham Beavers who has been awarded his wood badge. Just a reminder that Steve Thames is now training administrator so please ask him or me about any training issues.

Thank you to Eric Goulding for running our Spring first aid course and for giving defibrillator training to SASu and District. We will run another first aid course in the Autumn.

Census results are in and we have 2 more people than last year.

Steve Bragg has sent out invoices to all groups for capitation and we would appreciate quick payment so we can all benefit from the discount offered by County and HQ

Another sad duty was to collect the flag from the 6th Frensham Cubs who held their last meeting in February. Peter Marsh who was Akela has carried on his own for a year and is now moving to be an ASL at Churt Scouts, good luck Peter.



Beaver Swimming Gala is coming up on 29th of March, I may have to wear the Speedos!





Cub leaders forum is on Thursday the 6th March at the 5ths 8pm, please will packs send a representative so we can confirm details of future events including Cub Camp.


Scoutabout 2014 Logo Website



Scouts, have you registered for Scoutabout, It’s great!




Now it has stopped raining let’s get outside and get on with Scouting!



Situations Vacant

LTM Local training Manager

ADC Cubs.

Dates From District Diary

6th March SASu Curling at Garners Field

6th March Cub leaders meeting 8pm at the 5ths.

9th March Climbing Garners 10am

13th March District Executive

22nd March 5th Jumble Sale at the Bourne

29th March Beaver Swimming Gala Farnham Sports Cetre

27th April St Georges Day 10.30 am Farnham Castle

7th April SASu Garners 8pm

6th May SASu Garners

4th June SASU Garners

6-8th June Cub camp Bentley Copse

14th June Beaver Fun Day Garners

19th June District Executive

27th June Scoutabout weekend Ardingly

3rd July SASu Summer BBQ 6.30pm

17th July AGM 8pm Garners

January 2014

DC,s Notes January 2014

Happy New Year to everyone, there is lots going on.

Congratulations to Tony Macer, Dave Boswell and Dave Harvey who have all achieved their wood badges for their current roles (they all already have them for previous roles).

Steve Thames has agreed to be Training Administrator and all PLPs should be sent to him please. We still need a Local Training Manager but this job will now be much easier as Steve will be taking all the administration load.

We have a first aid course on 22nd February from 9am to 4.30pm at Garners, numbers are limited so please apply to Steve to avoid disappointment. Your first aid certificate only lasts 3 years so please keep it up to date.

We have bought an automatic defibrillator for Garners Field, Eric Goulding has kindly agreed to do a course on its use on the 24th and 25th 7.30 to 9.30 at Garners. This is important to everyone using Garners so please try and attend a course.

Here is the “engineer” fitting the box…………………………………………………………………………Scouts Defribulator Fitting

We are trying to get climbing off to a good start this year and Bill Weller has agreed to do a refresher for all permit holders and anyone else interested on 9th Feb and 9th March from 10am until 12.

Its census time and we need your census figures as soon after 31st January as possible, please can I set a deadline of 14th February.

family camp logo with things in



Family camp is coming up 25th -7th April we have another planning meeting on 27th of March and we need all groups camp leaders to attend please 8pm at Garners.





District Swimming badge is at Farnham Sports Centre on February 8th 6-9pm Denise Iverson is organising this, please contact her for information or if you can help.

More information can also be found HERE or by clicking on the swimming badge above.


SAMSUNGIt was with great pride that I helped with the re-opening of the Daniel Hall on 25th January. We were joined by the Mayors of Farnham and Waverley, the leader of Surrey County Council, Roxanna our CC and Richard Wolesley who is S.E. Regional Commissioner Scouts. The hall thronged with Scouts past and present plus invited guests from our sponsors. We had lots of speeches and everyone did very well! The 3rds have really got stuck in and raised £220,000 so far, it just shows what a bit of determination can do. Well done Sue Hepburn and the Team.

If you want to read more about this project please go HERE or HERE.

I try and keep the district calendar up to date so please let me have your dates.

Steve Bragg our treasurer (also webmaster) has updated the website and it looks very fine. Please use this tool and tell us how we can improve it for you.

I have asked Paul Hammersley and Berni Peters to take on the role of Nights Away Advisers. I am also looking at appointing special advisers for Cubs and Beavers but this is still in planning. Please ask Paul or Berni for nights away assessment. I would like to thank Mark Robertson who has now retired from the role.


The District Executive have been looking at on-line banking and the rules of our association.

May I remind you that all accounts must have two signatures on cheques, this is not optional and you may be breaking the law if you do not comply. The only way we can see of making internet payments is by using CAF bank this is administered by HSBC and allows for two on line signatures.

Please can you be sure your group and sectional accounts comply.


Situations Vacant

LTM Local training Manager.

ADC Cubs


Dates from the DISTRICT DIARY (see our website) – Click HERE.

5th Feb Sasu Garners 8pm.

8th Feb Swimming Badge 6.30pm Farnham Sport Centre.

9th Feb Climbing Garners 10am.

22nd Feb First Aid Course Garners 9.30-4.30pm

24th Feb Defibrillator Training Garners 7.30pm

25th Feb Defibrillator Training Garners 7.30pm

6th March Sasu 8pm Garners

6th March Cub leaders forum 8pm at 5th Farnham

9th March Climbing Garners 10am

13th March District Executive 8pm Garners

27th March Family Camp planning 8pm Garners

7th April Sasu 8pm Garners

25th -27th  April Family Camp

6th May Sasu 8pm Garners

4th June Sasu8pm Garners

6-8th Jue District Cub Camp at Bentley Copse.

14th June Beaver Fun Day Garners

19th June District Exec 8pm Garners

27th June Scoutabout weekend Ardingly

3rd July Sasu Summer BBQ 6.30pm

17th July District AGM 8pm Garners Field.

We have been sent some stunning photo’s of Garners field in all it’s glory by Roy Tubbs.

Click on a picture to see it bigger.

It goes to show just what a valuable asset we have in Garners field.

Looking up river

Looking up river









Looking down river

Looking down river

River Sluice

River Sluice

Track by Garners

Track by Garners

November 2013

by Philip German on November 28, 2013Farnham

DC’s Online Newsletter November 2013

Two more well deserved Wood Badges this month to Andy White of the 2nds and Bridget Keogh who last month got her Beaver wood badge and followed it this month with her GSL wood badge.

We are about to lose Janet Jones and I am looking for someone to take on the most important role as District Training Manager. Training is the foundation of good safe scouting and without a manager I will find it hard to fulfill my responsibility to deliver this.

There is someone out there who will commit to take on this role, it might be you?


Scoutabout  notices are out and all interested troops should register by 31st January  www.surrey-scouts.org.uk/scoutabout . It is a great weekend which I am looking forward to.

Cub leaders had their bi annual forum this month and plans are being hatched for a District Cub Camp at Bentley Copse 6-8th of June  football competition in May and a survival/den building day in September.

DofE logo gunmetal no words

A lot of groups are giving Dof E experience to young people, this is very valuable to both parties. There are some requirements that you must comply with including young leader training. I will put the requirements on the web site or you can email Ian Wilkins desc@farnhamscouting.com.


I was very proud again this year to lead a MASSIVE contingent of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders around the town on Remembrance Sunday. You were all very smart and a credit to Scouting. I value our young people taking the time to pay their respects.


Family Camp will be with us soon and I would like to recruit some new members to the site team and the organising committee. This is our main event of the year and we need some new input to avoid stagnation. Please contact me if you are interested. The first planning meeting at Garners Field 8pm Thursday 16th January, please come.

Hope you all enjoy your Panto’s, christmas fairs, tree selling, carols and all that seasonal stuff.

Happy Christmas


Dates for your diary

DC’s do 12-2pm Garners Field 5th January all welcome including nice children.

Family Camp Planning Meeting Garners Field 16th Jan 8pm.

Family Camp 25th-27th April Garners Field

District Cub Camp 6-8th June Bentley Copse

Beaver Fun Day 12th June Garners Field

Scoutabout 27th-29th June

Watch out for Swimming badge, Cub football and cub den building competition

Situations Vacant

Akela at the 6ths

Training Manager

ADC Cubs

Online Editor

October 2013

by Philip German on November 26, 2013Farnham

DC’s Notes October 2013

Here is the second online newsletter, it’s still me doing it so please forgive that at times it might seem a bit more like the Beano than The Guardian!

We have a Compass Champion volunteer in Steve Thames (ask a busy man). Steve, Liz Chart and I spent an evening at Bentley Copse getting the latest information. We go live in October 2014 and it is hoped that any of you using Online Scout Manager will be able to run it along with Compass and eventually merge the two systems. If you don’t have Online Scout Manager it’s probably best to wait now for Compass.

To get ready for compass we need to make sure that the information on “My Backpack” is correct, you can edit your own name address emails etc. by logging into www.scouts.org.uk please do this. You can’t edit roles, permits etc. but if they are wrong please let me or Steve know as we can edit them.

The Scout shop re-opens its doors on 31st October back at its traditional home at the 3rd Farnham HQ at Daniel Hall in Long Garden Walk. As before it will open at the regular times of Thursdays 6-8pm and Saturdays 9.30-Noon throughout the year,  closing only during the three main school holidays.  A few photos of the new shop below.

New Shop Front

The New Shop Front!

Shop front corner

The New Shop Interior

Please support the shop, all profits go to Scouting in Farnham and there are lots of exciting books and knick-knacks to buy as well as all your uniform and scouting needs.

Any shop queries please call Roy on 01252-712180 or scoutshop@farnhamscouting.com

I hope that the recent stormy weather did not harm your homes or HQ’s. Fearing the worst members of the Monday Crew headed out for Garner’s Field the morning after the storm only to find the entrance lane blocked by a fallen tree trapping twenty plus Brownies and their Leaders at Heron’s Wey. A quick check of Garner’s Field revealed no damage to our buildings or trees.

Together with a local neighbour everybody got stuck in and the road was cleared after a couple of hours. A couple of photos below.



Congratulations to Bridget Keogh and Mathew Willis on gaining their Wood Badges. For all you Leaders yet to do all their Wood Badge training please follow their example, you will find its essential stuff, enlightening and enjoyable (and it is also compulsory!).

Congratulations also to John ‘Scotty’ Fraser and Ian Wilkins who have each been awarded the ‘Award for Merit’ and to Peter Everett, Cathy Floyd and Frances Redman who have been awarded the ‘Chief Scouts Commendation’ for Good Service. All of the above awards duly given for great service to Scouting in Farnham.

Scout patrol leaders were recently put through their paces at the District training camp at Garners Field. Twenty-nine young people from across the District had a great weekend organised by Denise our ADC Scouts and supported by Leaders. Thank you Denise and your team.

New Scout Promise

From 1st of January we will be able to use the amended promise;

“On my honour I promise that I will do my best

To uphold Scout values, do my duty to the Queen

To help other people and to keep the Scout Law”.

The choice of this or the existing promise is yours.

The other change along with this is that we will now be able to appoint Leaders who have no faith.  We are an all-inclusive organisation and this move is in line with this policy and is in my opinion a good thing. I will be interested to know your reactions.

My thanks go to Wilf Parkin who has just completed his stint as ADC Cubs.  Wilf will still be involved with SASu, Monday crew and the Scout Shop while spending more time with his family in the West Country. Wilf’s departure leaves us without an ADC Cubs but we have two fine District Cub Leaders in Chris Moss and Nicky Clements who will be pleased to offer advice and support.

On 14th of November we are holding a District Cub Leaders meeting at the 5ths HQ at 8pm. Please make sure your pack is represented as we need to know what District can do for Cubs?

Well done the 12th Cubs who made front page news in the Farnham Herald. All the cubs were invested in front of their parents, local dignitaries and District representatives, great publicity for Scouting in Farnham.

District Directory – is your entry correct??

Please take a look at the District Directory (accessed via the District Web site front page using the password ‘fsdirectory2012’) and make sure your entry is present and correct.

Please notify any errors to directory@farnhamscouting.com . I’m also trying to promote the District Calendar which if we all used it would be a great tool.

Please also look at the District Website for information, campsite booking forms and ‘Nights Away’ forms.

I’m very sad to tell you that Jayne Budd a long term Leader at 11th Weysider Cubs has passed away, our sympathy goes to Amanda and Graham and their family.

Remembrance Sunday is on 10th November. District will form up at 10am in the central car park. We will parade to the Cenotaph and then on to St Andrews. The service will finish about Noon but Beavers can be collected about 11.20am outside the Church.

Dates for your diaries in 2014

  • Family Camp 25th-27th April at Garners Field.
  • District Beaver Fun Day at Garners Field 12th June.
  • Scout about 27th-29th June.
  • Swimming Badge probably February.

Situations Vacant

  • Akela at the 6th Frensham.
  • Training Manager.
  • ADC Cubs.
  • On line Editor.

Philip German DC

September 2013

by fsadmin on September 30, 2013Farnham

DC’s Notes September 28th 2013

Following the ending of our printed newsletter I am hoping that we will continue to be able to communicate via the website with an online version.

To do this I need someone to act as a focal point to collate the news from the groups in fact I’m looking for an Online Editor could it be you?


Another new  post I have to fill is aptly named by HQ as a  Project Compass Hero. The computer boffins at HQ are putting in place a new administration system which we will all have to come to terms with over the next year. The system will list all youth members as it does adults at present, it will also be available for your records, badges, registers and all sorts of wonderful applications. It will do all that the Scout Manager software currently does and much more,  it will be free to members. This is a real challenge hence the “hero” in the title and I need someone to step up please.

Is there anyone out there who would be prepared to audit the District accounts please?

Just one more vacancy, Training Manager. Janet is retiring at Christmas so we need someone to take over the  co-ordination of training in District. This is another important job ensuring that leaders get the essential training we are required to provide.


Next weekend we are running our Jamboree selection weekend for Japan 2015. We have 9 young applicants and only 3 places but we hope all the candidates will have a great weekend camping in the cold.

Congratulations to Explorer leader Mark Manson-Hing and Cub leader Adam Chambers who have both achieved their Woodbadge.

I am very pleased we have a new cub pack at Wrecclesham but it is tinged with sadness that we may have to close Frensham cubs. Frensham has been an isolated pack for many years with no Beavers or Scouts and our current Akela will retire in the Spring next year. There must be lots of children in the Frensham area who would enjoy scouting if only we could find the leaders.


The Daniel Hall home of the 3rds is now open and we hope the Scout Shop will return after half term. There has been an amazing amount of work by Sue Hepburn and her team. We now have a focal point for Scouts and Youth in the centre of the town we can be proud of rather than the run down and unsightly old building.

Please go and have a look, perhaps you might want to hold a party or an event in one of the rooms?

If you want to see more about this project please visit the 3rds web site here: http://www.3rdfarnham.org.uk/renovation.php

Farnham Scouts again marshalled at the Farnham Marathon which was a great success raising lots of money for charity, not to mention a fun morning out. Explorers also marshalled at Hamptons Sponsored Ride raising more money for charity.

Explorers were active in the summer at Woodlarks Campsite for the disabled pitching and moving tents for a blind and deaf charity Sense. Well done guys.

Beavers are off to Brooklands Museum today (watch out Weybridge) and we have a District patrol leaders camp next month. All the groups are out and about Scouting and there’s lots of great Scouting going on in Farnham.


Remembrance Sunday will soon be here so please lets have as many young people and leaders on parade on 10th of November either at your local churches or with District at St Andrews in Farnham.

Situations Vacant

District Auditor

Online Editor

Project Compass Hero

District Training Manager

Akela and leaders Frensham Cubs

Remuneration- a lovely warm feeling.

June 2013

by fsadmin on June 16, 2013

DC’s Notes…

Lots of people are working hard to make Scouting in Farnham work, thank you.

I have been approached by two leaders suggesting a “Scout Fest”

This would be a District event in a central venue to raise our profile, raise funds and encourage recruiting. We might ask each group to put on a couple of activities and back this up with some of the popular things we do at Family camp. Early days yet but we might be able to do something next year if we can get an enthusiastic team together.

Last weekend I joined the 2nd’s for their Woodland Woggle, a 5km walk through the Bluebell woods of the Hampton Estate (they also had Runners). What a delight, and its open to all.

Can I encourage you to attend other groups events it’s good to get to know everyone and you can steal their ideas!

The Daniel Hall is progressing well and the final shape of the building is now visible with all the windows and the stair case in place.

Fund raising is going well thanks to Sue and Robert and you can help by attending the 3rd’s Tennis Tournament.

We are grateful to the 5 th’s for hosting the Scout Shop and are planning our move back to Daniel Hall in September.

The new 12th Cubs have now their brand new neckerchiefs and Adam Chambers, Akela, has told me he has a full pack booked in together with a set of leaders and an executive, well done Adam.

When the summer finally arrives I hope you all enjoy some warm sunny scouting evenings.



The 3rd’s Junit Tennis Tournament takes place on the 8th June at Farnham Library Gardens.  Please click on the picture below to see more information about this event.


March 2013

by fsadmin on March 9, 2013Farnham

Farnham District News – March 2013
The DC’s Notes …
I would like to congratulate two leaders who have been awarded The Farnham Medal for services to the local community.
Ken Powell and EricGoulding were both honoured for their outstanding contribution to the local community through Scouting.  Medals were presented by The Mayor accompanied by citations from the very eloquent town crier (he didn’t shout).

Eric Goulding and Ken Powell with T he Mayor, The Mayoress and other recipients.

Eric Goulding and Ken Powell with The Mayor, The Mayoress and other recipients.

I would like to congratulate Sarah Imrie of the 3rd’s Beavers who has earned her Woodbadge.
Family camp is getting close so please make sure everyone who wants to camp has a CRB and get your booking forms in.   We are now into spring and from now on it will be lovely camping weather!