Campsite Emergencies

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Instructions for finding Garner’s Field Campsite

Garner’s Field Scout Campsite address is known by Google Maps as “Garner’s Field Scout Campsite” and when you enter this in Google as a search you will be shown a detail information box.  Garners Field Campsite is located towards the end of a tarmac single lane branching off Sheephatch Lane near Tilford village, about 3 miles south of central Farnham.

The tarmac track to the campsite starts beside ‘Tilford Mill Cottage’ post code GU10 2AQ which is situated adjacent to ‘Old Tilford Mill Bridge’. Emergency Services should be made aware that if coming from the Farnham or Tilford direction via Tilford Road into Sheephatch, they will need to cross this narrow bridge which has a weight restriction of 7.5 tons. Heavier/wider vehicles coming from the Farnham or Elstead (A3) direction should approach via Waverley Lane and Tilford Street to enter Sheephatch from the other end.

See map below.

Once on the campsite lane follow straight along – do not take the first right into ’Herons Wey’ Girl Guide campsite but carry straight on. Go past the small holding entrance to the right and just beyond is the entrance to Garner’s Field on the right. Sheephatch Lane to Garner’s Field entrance along the campsite lane is about ¼ mile.

In an emergency it is recommended a responsible person is sent along the campsite lane to Sheephatch Lane to direct any arriving emergency vehicles. If possible, at night wear a high viz jacket and carry a light.

The campsite phone number in the Activity Building hall is 01252 – 783543 and is free for outgoing emergency and incoming calls. Other calls will need coins.


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