Campsite Rules


The Warden

For the safety and welfare of all PLEASE comply with the following:

  • Camp only at the individual pitches around the edge of the field – the central open areas are there for the use and enjoyment of all.
  • Once equipment has been delivered to individual camping pitches ALL vehicles are to be returned to the car parking area.
  • Do not dig fire pits – use altar fires or fire bowls. Do not dig wet pits.
  • Do not burn or bury rubbish – take it away or use dumpy bins provided.
  • Reduce noise after 8pm. Lights out and the site to be quiet by 10.30 pm.
  • To avoid upsetting nearby livestock no loud noises or fireworks permitted.
  • Only use wood taken from the storage area or dead wood picked up from the ground – never from live trees. Use axes and saws responsibly.
  • Stay on the path alongside the river and only use the river for activities under Leader Supervision. The river is not to be crossed as the far side is private property. Keep well clear of the old river sluice – DANGER
  • When using archery or air rifle shooting ensure the area is clearly marked and safely isolated with the activity conducted under Leader Supervision.
  • Stay out of the Assault Course and Climbing Tower fenced enclosures unless using the equipment located there under Instructor or Leader Supervision.
  • The use of fires or gas burning equipment inside the two Weather Shelters or the Activity Building main hall is not permitted.
  • No animals are allowed on site except for service dogs.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any enclosed space including the Activity Building, Toilet Block or the two Weather Shelters or in face of under 18’s.
  • By exception and with Leader permission, alcohol may be consumed in moderation on site by those over 18 years of age not directly responsible for supervising young people.
  • On departure pay particular care to leave the Toilet Block and Activity Building clean and orderly. Check that individual camping sites have been left litter free and tidy. Return any equipment and remove ALL rubbish.
  • In the event of an accident or injury, or if faulty or broken equipment is found: treat the injury, make the area/item safe then notify the Warden.
  • Whilst at the campsite Leaders are reminded they are responsible for ensuring their Group’s activities are in compliance with Scouting POR.
  • Contacts:
    • Warden: 01252 – 725683 – Email:
    • Booking Secretary: 01252 – 797115 – Email:
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