Mayors Charity Concert

… In Aid of our Garners Goes Banana’s fund raising for the activity centre at Garners field.

Mayors Charity Concert at Weydon School Medici Theatre

The Mayor’s Charity Concert will feature the Farnham Taiko Club, Farnham Rock Choir and the Friary Brass Band.

Taking place at the Medici Theatre at Weydon School, this concert will have a diverse range of music styles and will be an enjoyable evening for everyone.

Funds raised during the concert will go towards the Mayor’s charity which is Garner’s goes Bananas. This charity raises money for Garner’s Field Activity Centre. Farnham Scouts are seeking local support to fund upgrading and extending the current facilities.

There will be interval refreshments and a raffle during the evening.

Please come as you will be supporting your local Farnham Scouting and all the deserving Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Network in Farnham District.

More information can be found here:

See you there!

District “Do”

Hi Everyone

Don’t forget the District “Do” being held on the 6th at Daniel Hall (the home of the 3rd’s).  Daniel Hall is near Waitrose in Farnham, Long Garden Way.

The Chair and DC are holding this event so you can find out more about how the district is run and meet the team that runs and handles your district events, facilities and finances.

EVERYONE is invited!!

There will be snacks, chats, coffee and tea as well as our very popular warm Mulled Apple.  It was so popular last year that people were asking for recipes!

So DO please come along and meet the time and find out more about what we are doing and what is going to be happening in the forthcoming year….


DC’s Newsletter November 2018

DC Notes November 2018

Hello everyone

We will be saying goodbye to Ron Binfield on Thursday 13th of December 10.45 at Aldershot Crematorium and afterwards at The Princess Royal.

Ron passed away peacefully in his sleep and I hope lots of us can join together in uniform to celebrate his life.

ADC Beavers

Ian Jacobs has agreed to take on the role next year. Ian is currently Beaver Leader at the 3rds.

Please give Ian your full support, I am confident he will be a great District Leader.

Garners Goes Bananas

Builders started digging the footings and we find that we need to use plies as the ground is so soft. Unfortunately, this will add an extra £10,000 to the project cost so more fund-raising ideas are needed please.

We have agreed to alter the building program so the builders can make progress in the kitchen, so I am afraid the hall is now closed probably until April next year. The field and toilets are still available.

On the bright side we gratefully received a generous donation of £5,000 from The Hedgehogs.

Scout Art Competition

Get your paints out. We really want to make a splash with this project which is happening from January to March 2019 culminating in an exhibition in The Daniel Hall.

Why not make it an activity night for your section? We can send in our District Artists to your meeting. It can be part of your badgework.

I will send out the details this weekend.

If any of you are lucky enough to get a Christmas Card from The Mayor or Farnham Council, you will see a winters scene with a Scouty theme. Painted by our talented ex ADC Beavers Janet Fraser in aid of Garners Goes Bananas. Thanks to Janet still working hard for Scouts.

Scouts in Space

The 12th’s Reindeer has reached great heights.

May I recommend going to YouTube and searching “2018 a reindeer odyssey” Awesome!

Here is the clip:


Remembrance Day Parades

While driving up Gravel Hill I came across a hoard of yellow scarves, it was the 5ths going to church, I was very impressed.

Thanks to all the other groups who turned out in their villages and to the 3rds, 11ths, Explorers and Network who joined us in the most impressive Farnham Parade I have ever seen.

Very Proud to be DC.

Mayors Carol Concert St Andrews Farnham 13th December

We are The Mayors Charity this year and the collection at this concert will go to us! It would be lovely to see as many smartly uniformed children and leaders as possible please. It starts 7.30 so please be there at 7pm or shortly after.

District Do

This year will be held at The Daniel Hall 12.00-14.00 on Sunday 6th January 2019 

All are welcome for a buffet lunch and a chance to meet other leaders and the committee.

Casual dress, children are welcome with their parents, but we have not arranged any activities for them.

Family Camp

Family Camp will be held at Garners Field. The building work is due to be finished but, if it is not, we will operate out of mess tents and the marquee.

We have our first planning meeting at my house (13b Lodge Hill Rd GU10 3QN) on Thursday 17th January.

We need a great support team for this great event so please step up and volunteer.

Dates for your Diary

4th December  – District Executive 7.30pm 13b Lodge Hill Road

6th December – SASu Christmas Dinner at Daniel Hall

13th December  – Ron Binfield Funeral 10.45 Aldershot Crematorium.

6th January 2019 – District’s new year do at Daniel Hall 12 till 2pm.

17th January 2019 – Family Camp Planning 8pm at 13b Lodge Hill Rd Lower Bourne Farnham GU10 3QN.

9th February 2019 – Mayors Charity Concert at Weydon School Medici Theatre.

5th March 2019 – District Executive 7.30pm venue to be confirmed.

26th-28th April 2019 – Family Camp

4th June 2019 – District Executive 7.30pm Garners

22nd June 2019 – SCRAM County Cub Day.

11th July District 2019 – AGM 8pm Garners

24th September 2019 – District Executive 7.30pm Garners

SASU Skittles Evening

Well the SASU skittles evening went well.

Plenty attended…

Steve Thames and his wife won the “main event” and in the knock out competition Roy Tubbs wife , Margaret, won.  You should have seen Roys face, ho ho.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and a close eye was kept on the score keeper, who seemed to be getting close to winning himself at one stage!!  Tee Hee…..

The Jolly farmer knocked up a good dinner for all of us and we all got presents of Walnuts bags from Bob and his wife, daughters farm.

The DC gave out two special awards during the evening.  These were special District awards given out at the DC’s discretion, personally by him.  The awards were given to Wilf Parkin, who is leaving to live in Devon, and Chris Moss, who has stepped down as DC Cubs.  Both have given long, dilligent service to Farnham Scouting and are a complete credit.

Both seemed pleased 🙂

Took ages for the author to get the reflection of the back of the DC’s head out of the first image!

Next SASU event is the Christmas Do at the 3rd’s on December 6th, 7pm.  Cost is only £15 per head and Network, who run the event, put on a splendid show and splendid food.

So do come along to this event.


Farnham Dump Closing?

Howdy Folks

Surrey County Council are considering the closure of the Recycling Centre in Farnham.

This is a busy tip which serves Farnham & surrounding areas.

Since charges for domestic DIY rubbish were introduced and then closure of the site 2 days a week there has been a marked increase in fly tipping in this area.

Fly tipped rubbish is cleared up by Waverley Borough Council at a cost to us the tax payer.

Closure of the tip will result in more fly tipping as well as an increase of traffic as people journey to other recycling centres which already have long queues.

We must fight for the centre to remain open to keep this important facility.

You can join a petition to stop this happening, hopefully, by clicking on this link:

DC Newsletter October 2018

Hello everyone

Garners Goes Bananas

We are making a start on The Activity Centre project on 12th of November, the hall will be available up to Christmas but shut then till April. The Field and toilets will still be available.

We now have £120,000.00 towards the project, ideally, we need to raise another £50,000.00 by next April to do all the proposed work. 

We can do this! Please put your thinking caps on and help me find the remaining dosh.



Cubs and Scouts were camping this month.

Sixers and seconders camped at Mellow Farm on a bend in the river Wey. An activity day on Saturday followed by a campfire where I learnt many ways of dispatching a bird with a yellow bill.

Sunday hike was curtailed by heavy rain but I hear a great time was had by all. Thanks to Nicky Clements and all the cub leaders who helped and camped out.

Scouts had an adventure weekend at Garners with adventurous patrol competitions on the Saturday and “It’s a knockout” type bases on Sunday in the pouring rain. When I visited they were all very wet and soggy but happy! Thanks to Karl Arnold, Andy Kite and all the leaders.

I am pleased to congratulate Judith Parish and Paul Finning who have been awarded the Medal of Merit. Harry Harrington, Tom Lisle and Austin Tolkein have been awarded the Chief Scouts Commendation for Good Service, Thanks and congratulations to all.

Farnham Scouts Art Project

In the new year we propose an art project to raise funds for Garners Goes Bananas

It will be a competition

The subject is Our Wonderful World.

The Medium will be framed A5 parchment for paintings which will be available from District.

All other mediums are acceptable including three dimensional such as pottery, sculpture and other modelling.

There will different sections for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and adults.

There will be an exhibition with private and public viewings.

All artwork will be offered for sale any money made will go towards Garners Goes Bananas.

If adults want to exhibit, we will charge 20% of any sale money received (like a proper gallery)

All submissions need to be made by Easter 2019.

There will be a team of arty folk who can come to your meetings and help the young people with their art work.

Hopefully this can be part of art related badgework.

Look out for more information

Remembrance Sunday

This year, we are parading up Castle Street where the first 2 minute silence in Farnham was held in 1919 one year after the Great War Armistice. Please be in the Central Car Park at 10.00 on Sunday 11th. All sections will parade but Beavers can leave at the parades end before we go into church, this will be about 11.30. I guess the whole event will be over at 12.30. Bring your flags.

For those groups who have village parades this is a great opportunity to be seen by your local communities and show respect to the fallen.

Dates for your Diary

6th November Sasu Skittles Jolly Farmer

11th November Remembrance parades Farnham and the villages

24th November Pine Pull Bourne Woods

4th December District Executive 7.30pm Garners

6th December SASu Christmas Dinner at Daniel Hall

6th January District’s new year do at Garners 12 till 2pm.

9th February Mayors Charity Concert at Weydon School Medici Theatre.

5th March District Executive 7.30pm Garners.

26th-28th April Family Camp

5th June District Executive 7.30pm Garners

22nd June SCRAM County Cub Day.

17th July District AGM 8pm Garners

24th September District Executive 7.30pm Garners

DC Newsletter July 2018

DC Notes July 2018

Hello Everyone

I don’t usually do notes at the end of July but there are a couple of items worthy of note.

Ann-Marie Vinnicombe has agreed to become Deputy District Commissioner from September.

Ann-Marie is currently ASL at the 8ths and has been supporting me in the background over the past few months, she will be continuing at the 8ths while taking on additional duties as Deputy DC. My role as DC ends in August 2019.

Its been a great month for grants, £1,000 from The Mayor, £3,000.00 from The Rank Organisation Charity and £7,200 from The Farnham Lions.

We have raised £35,165.00 in grants so far and are on track to commence building work on the Activity Centre in January.

I have really enjoyed Facebook, watching lots of young people having a great time summer camping in the sun, thank you and well done.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer and see you all in September for another great year of Scouting.


Dates For Your Diary

6th September SASu

6th September County AGM

25th September District Executive 8pm Garners

1st October SASu Chris’s Quiz 8pm Garners

6th-7th October Beaver Camp Garners Field

12th-14th October District Scout Training Camp

12-14th October District Cub sixers and seconders camp

6th November SASu Skittles Jolly Farmer

6th December SASu Christmas Dinner Daniel Hall


9th February Mayors Charity Concert in aid of Garners Goes Bananas

February-march District Gang Show??

26th-28th April 2019 Family Camp

22nd June 2019 SCRAM County Cub Day


Hi All

The FDSC AGM took place on Thursday 12th July at 8pm.

Many people came to hear what had been going on in your district and to find out the latest news and events. 

Philip, our DC, explained to all about the new building plans and the extension to the activity centre project.

Farnhams Mayor, David Attfield, attended and presented us with a cheque towards the project for £500 from the Farnham Lions!!

Here are some pictures…..


DC Newsletter June 2018

DC Notes June 2018

Hello Everyone

It’s the District AGM on Thursday 12th July 8pm Garners Field, we usually get a couple of Mayors, a County Commissioner a few leaders and some hungry Network to help eat the food. I am very grateful for their support.

Why don’t you come? What do District do for you? Well!

  • We do all the boring stuff making sure Scouting is well run within the rules.
  • We provide a sound financial pattern for Farnham Scouting and in accordance with the Charity Commission
  • We provide training for leaders including free first aid, safeguarding and Midas courses.
  • Our appointments committee interview all new leaders.
  • We maintain the Camp site
  • We manage the campsite and earn over £20,000.00 per year to spend on Scouting.
  • We run The Scout Shop providing badges and uniforms all profits going to Scouting
  • Our ADCs put on Beaver, Cub and Scout Events every year.
  • We put on Family Camp.
  • We maintain a website and had wifi and a telephone put in at Garners
  • We have built a climbing tower, archery facilities, an activity trail and a shooting range, some of this needs more work which is planned.
  • We tarmacked the road and installed borehole water with The Guides
  • We are about to spend £133,000.00 on the Activity Centre, this needs fundraising and administrating when we get on site next January

I have a great team behind me making all this happen, please come and meet us, show your support and have your say!

See you at the AGM?

Congratulations to Paul Finning from the 3rds Cubs and Colette Grist from the 8ths Scouts who have been awarded their wood- badges.

Thanks to all the leaders and helpers at Bazazz looks like the Beavers had a great time.

Please register your interest in our Gang Show, dancers, singers, musicians, contortionists, rear of house, ticket sellers etc.… all are needed. Contact

As I am writing this our Network are camping in Sweden, hope to hear more at the AGM.

I am very pleased to hear that 8ths Rowledge are planning to open an Explorer unit in the Autumn this will bring the number of units in the District to five.

The 5ths are putting a defibrillator outside their hall in the Bourne and are planning training sessions for members, pub staff (The Fox opposite) and any interested locals. Training weekend is 8th-9th September.

I was joined by Cubs and Scouts from the 3rds at The Mayors Civic Service at St Andrews. We are The Mayors Charity this year and the collection was donated to Garners Goes Bananas.

At The 4ths AGM I learnt about their new hall plans and their fund raising activities. I presented woodbadges to Steve Rattan and Colin Bland and drank some Tea. (Traditional English Ale).

I presented Mark Ousey’s woodbadge at The Medical Corps Museum in Mytchet and had a great evening with 5ths Fox Troop.

Happy Scouting.


Dates For Your Diary

4th July SASu BBQ 18.30 Garners

12th July District AGM 8pm Garners everybody welcome!

6th September SASu

25th September District Executive 8pm Garners

1st October SASu Chris’s Quiz 8pm Garners

6th-7th October Beaver Camp Garners Field

12th-14th October District Scout Training Camp

12-14th October District Cub sixers and seconders camp

6th November SASu Skittles Jolly Farmer

6th December SASu Christmas Dinner Daniel Hall


9th February Mayors Charity Concert in aid of Garners Goes Bananas

February-march District Gang Show??

26th-28th April 2019 Family Camp

22nd June 2019 SCRAM County Cub Day

Garners Goes Bananas

Hi Everyone

Latest donations for the new activity centre – Garners Goes Bananas – now tops £8,000!

Latest generous donations received from:-

St James’ Palace – £250

Betty Risely Trust – £3,000

Mrs JA Hearn – £1,000

Farnham Round Table – £4,000

Your DC has been working on grants and other donations and has received a promise of £10,000 from The Shanley Foundation –

There are others being worked on.

We have also received several generous donations from various individuals and also frm parents booking for the family camp offering donations to the new activity hall extension.