Garners Goes Bananas

Hi Everyone

Latest donations for the new activity centre – Garners Goes Bananas – now tops £8,000!

Latest generous donations received from:-

St James’ Palace – £250

Betty Risely Trust – £3,000

Mrs JA Hearn – £1,000

Farnham Round Table – £4,000

Your DC has been working on grants and other donations and has received a promise of £10,000 from The Shanley Foundation –

There are others being worked on.

We have also received several generous donations from various individuals and also frm parents booking for the family camp offering donations to the new activity hall extension.


Family Camp 2018

Howdy folks!

Well Family Camp 2018 is well an truely over and what a SUCCESS it was!

It was the biggest Family Camp we have ever had and was so much fun for everyone.

This year we brought back the cafe, successfully managed and run by Gill and Brian Snedden (or should it be Brian and Gill Snedden – tee hee 😆 ).

There were many events and activities for everyone to enjoy and though the canoeing was oversubscribed – who could have foretold the enthusiasm for this particular event!? – all the other activities were enjoyed enthusistically.  The new Zorbs event was a BIG success with many young people going back time and again.

The shooting and archery were well attended too.

Several activities were put on by the groups themselves and were enjoyed by all, so thanks to the groups for doing this for us.

Roy Tubbs brought the shop to camp on Saturday and did very well too.

We don’t know the exact final figures yet but we think there must have been upwards of 700 people attending over the weekend!

We did have some silly people climbing over the back fence, and breaking it!  They probably have the scratches from the barbed wire to prove it – how silly of them!

However all in all a good, successful, happy event.  Well done everyone.

Here are some images:-

 The new Zorbs activity

 The Zip Wire

 Network – Lunch – Yum, Yum

The Zip Wire

Zip Wire again

Craft Activities

 Milk Shake Making?

  The Shop Crew
Is their leader is off having a cup of tea!?

The Master Chef!

The Ice Cream Queue


Family Camp – Advance Bookings

Hello everyone.

As you know advanced bookings for the Family Camp are now closed.  You can still come on the day and pay at the gate.

If you want to camp and have not placed an advance booking, provinding there is space,  you can still come and camp.

PLEASE NOTE: That if you DO want to camp any adults in your party MUST have a valid DBS otherwise they cannot camp/stay overnight.  Therefore if you intend to camp please come with a valid copy of DBS’s for all your adult members.  There is no facility for us to check DBS’s at the camp site and if you do not have one you will not be allowed to camp.

You can still come as a day visitor though!

Presuming there is space and you want to camp wristbands and parking permits will be provided on the day.

Per person ticket price at the gate is £14 per head for any member of your party over 5 years of age.

Family Camp 2018

Howdy Folks




Sorry but Family Camp advanced bookings are now closed.

If you still want to come to the camp you will need to pay at the gate.

We set the advanced bookings close date at 31st March to allow time for mailing out camp packs.

Have fun at the camp!


Parent, Guardian, Carer information

Hello everyone

We would like to build a database of parents, guardians or carers for the children that are in the Farnham District Scout, Cubs, Beavers groups.

This will help us to be able to contact parents, guardians or carers with various elements of information, events, happenings and so on, so that their child does not miss out, or at the very least know what is happening in the Farnham District Scouting community.

Your District is a thriving community and we get up to a lot, do a lot and have lots of facilities at hand that your child can enjoy and participate in.  It would be a shame if they missed out on something if they did not know about it!

Hence we would like to build this database, which will be separate to the one we already have on leaders and officers.  We will not give the information away to any third parties and it will be kept solely for the use of the Scout Council to contact you when appropriate.

Please click on the link below to complete the information form.

Parents and Careers/Helpers Contact Information

Thank you in advance.


Garners Goes Bananas

Hello Everyone….

We would like to thank all those people that so generously donated towards the new activity centre in their Family Camp booking or by donating directly on the Garners Goes Bananas web site here:

We have now reached, so far, just over £5,000 with some grants obtained by the DC from local organisations.

So please do keep giving generously.  Your donations will make all the difference for your children to be able to enjoy scouting even more.

What will you be donating to?

We have ambitious plans for the renovation of the Activity Centre at Garners field, all of it to enhance your child’s camping pleasure and to give extra facilities for activities for leaders.

Want to see more or want to see what you could be donating to?

Then see here for more information on the refurbishment:-

If you have not already made a donation to this worthwhile project then please do consider a donation.  Every little helps!

Go here to donate:-


Family Camp Is Live!!

Howdy Folks!

Family Camp 2018 is now live and available to take bookings!

Don’t delay – Book Today!

As usual the event will be tremendous fun and we have organised some new, exciting events to take place this year ….

Dates April 20th to April 22nd.

You can make and pay for your booking on line here:

See you there!


Garner’s really is going Bananas!

Many thanks to everyone who came along and supported our ‘Garner’s Goes Bananas’ launch on Sunday 7th Jan.

Expect to see and hear lots more about our ‘Going Bananas’ throughout 2018.

A fund raising ‘Garner’s Goes Bananas’ 80 x 55mm badge:-

is now available and as a bonus can be worn on uniform throughout 2018.

Badges can be bought individually from the Scout Shop at £1 each or if leaders want to buy them in quantity for their Sections there will be a 10% discount – contact the scout shop for your order.  Use this email address to contact the Scout Shop Manager, Roy:

All proceeds of course going toward our fund raising for this fantastic cause.

If in the meantime you or parents would like to learn more and hopefully help by making a donation, please go to the front page of our District Website and follow the link. HERE

OR you can see more on our sister web site – HERE

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and good Scouting throughout 2018.

Philip (DC)

District Scout Camp

The First District Camp of 2018

23RD TO 25TH February @ Garners field, cost £30 per scout.

The aim of the camp, as always, is firstly to have fun. Secondly it is to meet new people, make friends and share experiences.

The camp will have a theme based around a competition to find the best patrol in the district.

Each Patrol with start the weekend with some scout Money, (the scout shilling) and over the weekend will complete a series of scouting tasks to increase their fortune. They will be able to hire equipment as well as expert assistance as needed.

Tasks will include, but not be limited to:

  • erecting a patrol tent (and sleeping in it)
  • erecting dining shelters
  • backwoods cooking
  • pioneering
  • performing around the campfire – EACH PATROL TO DO AN ORIGINAL UNIQUE CAMPFIRE SKIT, if it’s something that we have seen before then it will not earn any points.
  • navigation (including a night hike)

This is also a great opportunity to bring the leaders in the district together to share their own ideas and experiences, so please come along, get involved and let’s start 2018 off with a bang.


Garners Goes Bananas!


This Years New Year Party will include

The Launch of


Kids games, bbq bananas, marshmallows, hot chocolate.

Adult drinks and food also available


(If you have access to OSM please publicise this)

Garners Field

Sheephatch Lane

Tilford GU0 2AQ

12.00-14.00 7th January

See our attached Garner’s Goes Bananas Flyer