Date of the Year!!

Our favourite event of the year…..

Farnham District Scouts FAMILY CAMP!!

Dates are :

April 24th to April 26th 2020 and bookings are now open. Use the links on the web site to make your booking.

By booking early you save yourself money as early bird bookings are £12.50, if you pay at the gate the price goes up to £15.

So don’t delay, book today!

Remember that to camp overnight you MUST have a valid DBS

Click HERE to make your bookings now!

2020 Family Camp

It’s here again!  It’s back!

Our favourite event of the year…..

Farnham District Scouts FAMILY CAMP!!

Dates are :

April 24th to April 26th 2020.

Book here:

Cost: £12.50 person until 30th March, £15 after; 5 and under Free.

Outline Programme:

  • Thursday: Caravan/motorhome must set-up, tent set-up
  • Friday: Tent Set-up, Campfire, Bingo, Hot Chocolate
  • Saturday: 9:30 am – 5pm Activities, Lunch 12:30-1:30pm; 6:30pm Silent Disco, Campfire Sunday: 9:30 am—12noon—Activities—Mr Giant, Crafts, Runway, Shooting, Climbing; 1:00 pm—St Georges Service

All unauthorised vehicles off site between 7pm Friday and 2pm Sunday

So don’t delay, book today!

Remember : All Campers over 18 must hold valid Scout Association DBS

See you at the Family Camp……





2020 Farnham District Family Camp Planning Meeting

Farnham District Family Camp takes place every year and requires a whole army of volunteers to ensure that it is successful – more are always welcome and needed.

We need help at all stages, from booking to on the day, the more volunteers we have, the lighter the load and everyone can enjoy the day.

If you feel you could be part of the planning team, bring new ideas and help create another successful weekend then please come to our meeting Thursday 14th November 2019, 7:30pm at Garners Field. (Bridge is closed approach from Waverley Lane/Tilford Street)

If you are unable to make the meeting but happy to help, then contact me ( and we can discuss.

The intended meeting agenda: 
  1. Welcome
  2. What has worked well, what should we continue/drop, new ideas
  3. St Georges Service Format
  4. Establish teams
  5. Other


Camp Pop Up Cafe

Hello everyone

In 2018 we offered a wider range of items in the Cafe, the intention was to raise money for the new facilities at Garners Field.  This year that work is well under way, but funds are still required to ensure the work is completed. 

So this year we are opening the café for Breakfast at 8am with an even more variety.

Allergens – please ask for alternatives. We will have some gluten free bread, and soya milk. We will not be using nut products however we cannot guarantee trace elements from other products.

The café is cash only

Bring your own plates, cutlery, cups, tea towel etc.

The new facilities will make everything so much easier this year, but we will need volunteers to help us throughout the weekend. Please follow the doodle poll, Thank you

Friday – Sunday

FREE squash available,

Friday & Saturday evenings

FREE Hot Chocolate & biscuits after 7pm


Daily Menus:

Saturday 27th April

8am – 10am

Full Breakfast – £5

1xBacon, 1xSausage, 1xEggs, (£1 for each additional item)

Baked Beans, Tomato, Mushroom & a slice Toast 

Toast  50p per slice, with Jam or Marmalade

Baps – £3(choose 2 items)

Bacon/ Sausage/ Egg/ Mushroom

(each extra item add a £1)

After 10am – 4pm

Panini £4

Bacon & Cheddar/ Tuna Mayonnaise/

Cheddar & Tomato/ Pulled Pork & Chilli Sauce/

Baps  £3

Bacon & Cheddar/ Tuna Mayonnaise/

Cheddar & Tomat/ Egg Mayonnaise/

Pulled Pork/ Mixed Beans

Salads  £5   Mixed Beans/ Feta & Olive/ Chick Pea Hummus/ Pulled Pork with Chilli/ Quiche/ H/made Sausage Roll/

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Grated Carrot, Red onion.



Coffee                                          £1.00

Filter Coffee                              £1.50

Tea                                               £1.00

Herbal Tea                                £1.00

Hot Chocolate                          £1.50

Squash                                         Free

Ice Cream (While Stocks Last)

(Vanilla, Choc, Strawberry) 50p per cone

Homemade Cakes     

Saturday 10am – 4pm, Sunday 10am – 2pm

Mostly these will be Homemade,

If you would like to donate a homemade cake please ensure that there are NO NUTs & there is a list of ingredients with them, if you would like the container returned, please make sure it has your name on it and it is collected by 5pm Sunday.

Sunday 28th April

(As this is the last day some options may be unavailable)

8am – 10am

Full Breakfast – £5

1xBacon, 1xSausage, 1xEggs, (£1 for each additional item)

Baked Beans, Tomato, Mushroom & a slice Toast 

Baps – £3

Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Mushroom

(choose 2 items, each extra item add a £1)

After 10am until 2pm

Panini £4

Bacon & Cheddar, Tuna Mayonnaise,

Cheddar & Tomato, Egg Mayonnaise

Baps  £3

Bacon & Cheddar, Tuna Mayonnaise,

Cheddar & Tomato, Egg Mayonnaise,

Salad  £5

Mixed Beans, Feta & Olive, Tuna,

Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Grated Carrot, Red onion.

St Georges Parade- 2pm Sunday

Tea, Coffee, Squash, & Jam Doughnuts  FREE

Welcome to you all!


Family Camp 2019 Notice

Hi All

Early bird bookings for this year’s Family Camp have now closed although you are still welcome to attend. Registration for those who have not pre-booked can be made at the gate from 4pm till 7pm on the Friday and the gate will be manned all day on Saturday from 9.30am.

The cost is £15 a head for campers and day trippers (Saturday only) alike. Under-5s go free.

*All adults wishing to camp must bring with them their current Scout DBS certificate*

What do I need to bring? Everything including all your cooking and sleeping requirements. There will be a camp cafe providing breakfast and light lunches so bring some cash if you want a bit of time off catering duties!

Camp closes at 3pm on Sunday after the St George’s service at 2pm. ALL YOUNG PEOPLE AND LEADERS TO BE IN FULL UNIFORM FOR THIS, PLEASE

DC Notes March 2019

Hi District

This newsletter goes out to all leaders and adult members but it doesn’t get to parents and children so please can you pass on any relevant info, or just send them a copy.

Painters are in at Garners

Floors are going down this week and we are on course for Family Camp. Most of the builder’s rubbish has gone and the Monday Crew are setting about titivating the outside areas.



Garners Goes Bananas



We are getting there with the fundraising only need another £20,000

Thanks to Adam Meara, Adam Chambers, Rick Lawrence and Glen Tofts all leaders from the 12th who entered Farnham Cyclethon and raised over £500 for Bananas.

Thanks also to Matt Saker a leader at the 8ths who is running The London Marathon in aid of Scout charities including 50% to Bananas.

Matt is trying to break the Guinness World Record for the marathon run in Scout uniform. Watch out for him on TV and more importantly go to his funding site and sponsor him.

Matt says..

“Many of you will know I’m a keen runner….fewer will be aware that in my spare time I help to run my local Scout group.  Although at a little over 2 hours the marathon world record is perhaps a little beyond me(!), in 4 weeks’ time I will be putting on my Scouts uniform (see picture below) for the Virgin London Marathon in an attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for running a marathon in full Scouts uniform, which stands at a very challenging 2 hours 58 mins 44 secs.

The money I raise from my World Record attempt will go to the Scouts Association Nationally, which helps 460,000 boys and girls in the UK from every background to develop the values, self-belief and faith in others that will help them mature into confident, resilient and active adults.

Locally, half the money raised, will go towards our local Scout Activity Centre Building project at Garners Field, Farnham, Surrey.

 No pressure at all, but if you’d like to sponsor me in this attempt then please follow the link below.

 All contributions gratefully received.

 Thank You

 Matt ”

Skills Day

Was a great success well done everyone. Pioneering, fire lighting, axe and knife skills, backwoods cooking, hammocking, archery, shooting and a good number of rafting permits gained.

Thanks to Eric Goulding and Dominic Getting, shall we do it again next year?

The Great Scout Art Competition and Exhibition



 The Mayor and two prize winners

We had a brilliant exhibition with well over 300 exhibits and lots of visitors. Thanks To Janet and John Fraser and their team. Thank you also all the talented artists and to The Mayor David Attfield who was chief Judge.




Best in Show!













Family Camp

Advance bookings are now closed but you can still come on the day (£15/head). Adults who want to camp will need a current Scout DBS.

I’m looking forward to hearing what activities each group has arranged.

Farnham Scout Wind Band

By popular demand we are getting the band together again for Family Camp. All musicians who are grade one and above and can cope with a couple of sharps are welcome. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network, leaders and parents are all welcome. There will be a rehearsal on Sunday morning 28th of April and the performance at St Georges Day that afternoon.

Fiendish Quiz

There is a quiz going round, get your copy from the Scout Shop or at Family Camp £2.00 a go.


Thanks to training team who have run another full first aid course, next one will be in the Autumn      


The camping season has started early this year. The grass has been cut, the wood pile sorted out, we are repairing fences and getting our fab site ready for a busy year. Volunteers are welcome Mondays from 09.00 till about 12.30

Anyone got a nice single bed for our new first aid room?

Dates for your Diary

4th April Sasu Rural life talk 8pm at 11ths Guildford Rd Trading Estate (all welcome)

26th-28th April Family Camp

2nd May Sasu back at Garners!

18th May Beavers Go Wild at Bentley Copse

4th. June District Executive 7.30pm Garners

6th June Sasu visit to Medics museum at Keogh Barracks

22nd June SCRAM County Cub Day.

4th July Sasu BBq at Garners 6.30pm

11th July District AGM 8pm Garners

5th September Sasu Bright Bricks Lego evening 

3rd October Sasu

4th-6th October District Cub camp Garners Field

12th November (Tuesday) Sasu Skittles

12th December Sasu Christmas Dinner at Daniel Hall

Family Camp 2019

Howdy Folks….

Don’t forget Family Camp!

Places are going fast.  Also hopefully the new facilities will be open for you to enjoy.  Certainly all the fun activities that we have arranged you will DEFINATELY enjoy.

So don’t delay, book today!

Go to the web site and follow the links.

Have fun…..

Family Camp 2019

Hello everyone….

The event of the year is upon us!

Family Camp 2019

Dates: April 26th to April 28th

You can book HERE

Advance bookings are £12 per head, children under 5 go free.

Payment on the day is £15, so save yourself £3 per head by booking in advance!

Great event, loads of activities, loads of fun for the WHOLE family.

See you there…..


Family Camp 2018

Howdy folks!

Well Family Camp 2018 is well an truely over and what a SUCCESS it was!

It was the biggest Family Camp we have ever had and was so much fun for everyone.

This year we brought back the cafe, successfully managed and run by Gill and Brian Snedden (or should it be Brian and Gill Snedden – tee hee 😆 ).

There were many events and activities for everyone to enjoy and though the canoeing was oversubscribed – who could have foretold the enthusiasm for this particular event!? – all the other activities were enjoyed enthusistically.  The new Zorbs event was a BIG success with many young people going back time and again.

The shooting and archery were well attended too.

Several activities were put on by the groups themselves and were enjoyed by all, so thanks to the groups for doing this for us.

Roy Tubbs brought the shop to camp on Saturday and did very well too.

We don’t know the exact final figures yet but we think there must have been upwards of 700 people attending over the weekend!

We did have some silly people climbing over the back fence, and breaking it!  They probably have the scratches from the barbed wire to prove it – how silly of them!

However all in all a good, successful, happy event.  Well done everyone.

Here are some images:-

 The new Zorbs activity

 The Zip Wire

 Network – Lunch – Yum, Yum

The Zip Wire

Zip Wire again

Craft Activities

 Milk Shake Making?

  The Shop Crew
Is their leader is off having a cup of tea!?

The Master Chef!

The Ice Cream Queue


Family Camp – Advance Bookings

Hello everyone.

As you know advanced bookings for the Family Camp are now closed.  You can still come on the day and pay at the gate.

If you want to camp and have not placed an advance booking, provinding there is space,  you can still come and camp.

PLEASE NOTE: That if you DO want to camp any adults in your party MUST have a valid DBS otherwise they cannot camp/stay overnight.  Therefore if you intend to camp please come with a valid copy of DBS’s for all your adult members.  There is no facility for us to check DBS’s at the camp site and if you do not have one you will not be allowed to camp.

You can still come as a day visitor though!

Presuming there is space and you want to camp wristbands and parking permits will be provided on the day.

Per person ticket price at the gate is £14 per head for any member of your party over 5 years of age.