Special Offer to Farnham Scouting members and families

Howdy everyone.

In association with David Llloyd centre’s a company called NTL Biologica is conducting mobile Covid-19 Antibody Testing in various places around the country.

On September 9th and 16th they are actually coming to Farnham to carry out testing for local people.  An article appeared about this  in the Farnham Herald this week.  You can see this article on line HERE (click on this link).

As a local charity we have been offered a discount on their testing of 15% from the normal price of £60.

If you would like to be tested for CV-19 antibodies and would like a special discount code to make an online booking please follow this link HERE, complete the online form and a discount code will be emailed to you.  If you are a full scout member you can use this code for close family members as well.

More information on this whole process to help your understanding can be found here: https://ntlbiologica.com/antibodytesting




 February 2021

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Ken Allan – Group Treasurer – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – Group Treasurer and generally huge supporter of the group for 10 years –  he will do anything from catching rats to balancing accounts.

Brennan Healey – Assistant Scout Leader – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – been a Beaver, Cub and Scout leader supporting the Group for over 10 years.

Steve O’Dell – been part of scouting for 12 years as an assistant and stepping up to Leader.  He has brought real challenge to the group

October 2020

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Naomi Stringer – 5th (Bourne) Cub Scout Leader – Naomi’s enthusiasm and commitment to Scouting is clear from leading a new Beaver Colony to following those Beavers through to opening a new Cub Pack and now helping to move them on to Scouts.

Commissioners’ Commendation Award

Debbie Ollerenshaw – A-GSL and Beaver  Leader – 7th Farnham (Elstead) – Debbie has been supportive and organised, assisting in running the Group and leading the Beaver Colony.


 June 2020

Bar to the Award for Merit

Nicky Clements – ADC Cubs – Nicky has a been ADC Cubs for a couple of years now, before which was District Cub Leader, ASCL at 8th Farnham and 1st Wonersh with over 25 years’ service.  Nicky is active in her role as ADC as well as being a District Training Adviser and Nights Away Assessor and a great support in the District.

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Robin Bunce – 4th (Tongham) Cub Scout Leader –  He’s usually organising most things, coming up with new ideas to keep the kids involved and as a leader has a certain je ne sais quoi. Tongham cubs is better for having him.

Liz Larkin – 2nd (Hale) – GSL – Liz has  stepped up to the plate this year from ASL to GSL, taking on her Wood Badge training head on as well as now also being a District Training Advisor, working hard to be involved in Hale as well as in the District.

Commissioners’ Commendation Award

Davis Clements – ASL  Beaver Scouts and Scouts – 2nd Bentley and Farnham District Supporter – Davis has been part of the Family Camp team in previous years and this year has been seen working hard at Garners Field, as part of the Monday Crew, ensuring when we can open the campsite again it is in tip top condition.

Colette Grist – 8th (Rowledge) Scout Leader – encourages and guides through structure and fun, achieving a greater number of Chief Scout Gold Awards within the group since she moved from Beaver Scout Leader.


May 2020

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Matt Willis – 5th (Bourne) Scout Leader –  efficient, diligent and a true role modal to his Scouts and other leaders.

Ian Turton – 5th (Bourne) – co-GSL & K2 – Explorer Leader – for his enormous commitment, time, and great ideas.

Commissioners’ Commendation Award

Mags Whitaker and Geoff Whitaker – 4th (Tongham) – They put a fantastic amount into scouting,  Mags being a SL in recent years,  both helping out at the shop, fantastic fundraising events. absolutely excellent supporters.

Dominic Getting – 5th (Bourne) Assistant Scout Leader – enthusiasm, team player, promotor and organiser of permit training.

April 2020

Award for Merit

Frances Redman – 5th (Bourne) – Group Treasurer – Frances is finishing her handover year after over 10 years on the Executive Committee at the 5th and has been a fantastic treasurer and support to the Group, I am sure she will stay involved somehow.

 Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Tony Marshall –12th (Wrecclesham), – Cub Scout Leader – for all the commitment, enthusiasm and hard work he has put in, particularly being one of the founders of the reformed 12th. Tony is a Queen’s Scout himself and has many, many years in Scouting and many more to come.

Commissioners’ Commendation Award

David Eastman – District Campsite Treasurer – David has stepped down after many years as Campsite Treasurer and has ensured the accounts were in order and has been of great support to the campsite committee.

Into the 21st Century!!

Hurrah, Hurrah!!

Hot News folks……

Our thriving Scout Shop, based in Daniel Hall now takes credit and debit cards.

Yes you can now pay for your scouting goodies by whipping out your piece of plastic, instead of having to remember cash or go to the local ATM.

We can pretty much take them all, including American Express – if you have one.

Timber!!!!!!!! Thank you Hamish White, Bill Weller, Norman Hopkinson, Philip German and Gary Thain

Big thank you and well done to Hamish White, Bill Weller, Norman Hopkinson, Philip German and Gary Thain for taking down a dead and potentially dangerous tree at Garners Field today and others in the last month or so.

Without volunteers like these it would not be possible to run Garners Field – this crew will be back next weekend to clean up if you are able to help then please get in contact. (dc@farnhamscouting.com)

Remember the Monday Crew meet at Garners Field for maintenance each week 9am until about 12 and always welcome more hands.


2020 Family Camp

It’s here again!  It’s back!

Our favourite event of the year…..

Farnham District Scouts FAMILY CAMP!!

Dates are :

April 24th to April 26th 2020.

Book here: https://farnhamscouting.com/website/campsite/family-camp-booking-form/

Cost: £12.50 person until 30th March, £15 after; 5 and under Free.

Outline Programme:

  • Thursday: Caravan/motorhome must set-up, tent set-up
  • Friday: Tent Set-up, Campfire, Bingo, Hot Chocolate
  • Saturday: 9:30 am – 5pm Activities, Lunch 12:30-1:30pm; 6:30pm Silent Disco, Campfire Sunday: 9:30 am—12noon—Activities—Mr Giant, Crafts, Runway, Shooting, Climbing; 1:00 pm—St Georges Service

All unauthorised vehicles off site between 7pm Friday and 2pm Sunday

So don’t delay, book today!

Remember : All Campers over 18 must hold valid Scout Association DBS

See you at the Family Camp……





Farnham District Scouts – Remembrance

I am very proud that so many of our Scouters have been taking part on parades and services across the District.

2nds, 3rds and 11th Groups, with Explorers, Network and SASU were again the largest continent in the town centre:

4ths in Tongham

8ths in Rowledge

12ths in Wrecclesham





First Aid (Scout First Response Course)

Training day for:

Section leaders, assistants and adult helpers

23rd November 2019

AT: Garners Field – 9.00am – 4.00pm

Our next first aid course is booked and the trainer will be Sarah Robertson.

First aid is a mandatory module (module10) for all leaders and this course is offered free to adults in scouting, you will learn basic life support skills, how to use a defibrillator, how to deal with major bleeding, burns, asthma, broken bones and very much more.

This course is an important life skill and is equivalent to the one day First Aid at Work course and has the potential to save lives every time you leave the house.

There are only 12 places available and will be allocated on a first come first served basis so book today.

To book your place please e mail or phone the District Training Manager.

Eric Goulding


Tel: 07799433830

Fame At Last!

Old DC out, new DC in!

The story hit the press!

Yes the Farnham Herald has posted the attached article this week, covering the story of Garners Goes Bananas plus change of DC’s.

Though they give the impression that Philip has left scouting, which of course he has not!


AGM 2019

Farnham District held their AGM on the 11th July at Garner’s Field in the evening. 

This was a special occasion as Philip German was stepping down as District Commissioner and Ann-Marie Vinnicombe became the new DC.  Guest were invited, Mayor of Waverley, Mary Foryszewski, Mayor of Farnham, Pat Evans, Councillor David Attfield, County Commissioner, Joe Rogerson and Rev. Jaqueline Drake-Smith. 

During the AGM procedure, Philip made his annual report, in which he reflected on the nine years he had been DC.  

Philip expressed his pride with what has been achieved from building projects, great District Team & leaders, providing good training programmes, increased by 43% the number of young people who have joined Scouting and the re-opening of 12th Farnham Scout Group. Marching with nearly 200 people behind him through Town on many Remembrance Sundays and so much more. 

Philip also thanked Davide Attfield who was Mayor last year and chose Farnham Scouts as his Charity raising £6,000 towards “Garners go Bananas” project. 

Ann-Marie Vinnicombe was invested as the new DC by Joe Rogerson and made her Scout Oath to Joe, along with Scout members attending the meeting. 

Philip then gave the DC Commendation to Ken Powell, Eric Goulding and Adam Chambers of the 12th Wrecclesham Scout Group.  Matt Larkin, district secretary, also received his 10 year long service award.

Joe Rogerson made a lovely speech extolling all that Philip had done for the district for which the District and Philip should be enormously proud.  This was followed by a standing ovation to Philip. 

Lastly a presentation was made by the District Chair, Manda Bragg, who presented Philip with a plaque in acknowledgment of his time as DC along with a present, a Seiko watch with the Scout logo on its face.

Also a card beautifully created and made by Marion Stagg, District Beaver Scout Leader, in which all the Scout Groups, Leaders, District Team and more signed was given to Philip.  Manda also presented Linda German with a bouquet of flowers thanking her for sharing Philip with us and supporting him for those nine years and for all she has done. 

Philips Plaque
What a Watch!
The Dignatories!
Marion with DCs card

Some of the Explorers who are going to the Jamboree in Japan then gave a presentation and explained more about what they will be doing and how they are looking forward to the trip.

The meeting was followed by refreshments and a finger buffet provided by Janet Watts and Bob & Joyce Peerman from the SASU.  Janet also made a lovely fruit cake, on one half of the iced cake was the words “Thank you Philip” the other half “Welcome Ann-Marie”. 

It was a great evening and it was wonderful to see so many people come to “thank” Philip and to officially welcome Ann-Marie as our new DC. 

The DCs with cake
The cake
Ken receives his award
Ken and Jenny Powell
Adam receives his award
Eric receives his award
The lucky Jamboree Explorers
Old and new DCs with CC

FDSC AGM and Philip German’s Farewell as DC

Hi All

Thursday July 11th – Start Time: 8pm

This year this date for the AGM is very important, for two reasons.

Apart from the normal business required of an AGM this year we have our brand new extension to show off and after 9 years as our DC Philip German is stepping down and being replaced as DC by Ann-Marie Vinnicombe.

Philip has been an important part of our district for these 9 years as DC, steering and helping to shape the way the district is run and operated, making the Farnham District Scouts one of the better districts and certainly prosperous with over 1,000 members.

We will all be sorry to see Philip go, but he is staying involved with district as the Campsite Warden.

The extension and upgrades to the centre were completed at the end of April this year.  The centre is enhanced greatly with new toilets, shower, disabled facilities, upgraded kitchen and a new first aid room/office.

The AGM is open to ALL leaders and group committee members in the district, as well as helpers, to attend and given it is Philip’s “leaving” as well we really would like, or love, as many members of the district scouting movement to come to the AGM to help see Philip off and also welcome the new DC.  It’s also a chance to take a look around if you have not seen the new facilities.

We have a finger buffet, so you won’t starve!  We also have all types fo refreshments.  Like a glass of wine?  We have some.  Tea/Coffee we have this too.  Soft drinks?  Yep….

So please do come to the AGM and see Philip off.  We really would like to see you there.