MONDAY CREW – Garners Field Campsite Hedgerow Renovation Winter Project

So what has the Monday Crew been up to:

Garners Field Campsite Hedgerow Renovation Winter Project

This winter, as part of the annual maintenance program at Garners Field Campsite, the Monday Crew have been renovating the hedgerow alongside the River, some 35 metres in all.

The main aim of the project is to provide a natural barrier for riverside safety and at the same time create a wildlife friendly, traditional hedgerow.

Hedgerows are very important for wildlife in their own right and as they consist predominantly of native trees and shrubs, they are recognised as a priority habitat for conservation action within England’s Biodiversity 2020 targets.

Sixty species of nesting bird and almost all of our native small mammal species, especially the dormouse, have been recorded as being supported by hedgerows.  Recent studies have shown that they also reduce pollution and absorb carbon dioxide.

The first stage was to clear the bramble and ivy, no easy task, and then the big dig to remove the tangle of roots and perennial weeds to give the new plants the best chance.

We’ve been very fortunate with the weather which has allowed us to get the planting done during February as this will allow the new trees to get properly established before the summer.

To compliment the existing Hawthorn we’ve planted 9 varieties of shrubs and trees (53 plants in total) to provide seeds, berries and blossom, these include Buckthorn, Hazel, Hornbeam and Wild Crab Apple which will build up the width of the hedge.

We need to protect them from rabbits with spiral tree guards and the ones we’ve sourced are 100% biodegradable.

Once established it will provide the ideal habitat for moths, caterpillars and bugs of all shapes and sizes which we hope will then encourage the birds to make the most of the cornucopia of food and even nest in it.

Perhaps it would make a good subject for the Naturalist Activity Badge, guided tours by arrangement with the warden! 

If you would like to help please get in contact:



Dates to remember

We are extremely lucky to have a raft of Meetings, Training, Events, Activities organised/set-up just waiting for you to get involved; we are all volunteers, we all know time is precious, please take the opportunity to participate – have your say, learn, improve and have fun.

Check out our Website for information and updates:

Please follow our Facebook page;

Date to remember:


  • 3rd February – GSL/District Managers Meeting – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 5th February – SASU Planning Meeting – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 10th February – Scout Leaders Meeting – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 12th February – Family Camp Planning meeting (part 2) – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 3rd March – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 2nd June – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 9th July – District AGM – Garners Field – 8pm
  • 22nd September – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 8th December – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm

Mandatory and Leader Training

Check out the Surrey Scouts Training –


  • 26th-28th June – Scoutabout – South of England Showground, Ardingly –
  • 24th-7th August – European Jamboree – Poland – Good luck to our representatives
  • 2nd-4th October – District Camp – Garners Field.
  • May-21 – Frantic21 – joint Farnham, Hazelmere, Godalming Scouts and Guiding weekend event

Activity Training

If you are interested in any of the sessions in red please contact Dominic –

Check out the Surrey Scouts Activities –

If you would like to something specific set up please contact me ( and we can see what we can do; the aim is to have your say, learn, improve and have fun.

Into the 21st Century!!

Hurrah, Hurrah!!

Hot News folks……

Our thriving Scout Shop, based in Daniel Hall now takes credit and debit cards.

Yes you can now pay for your scouting goodies by whipping out your piece of plastic, instead of having to remember cash or go to the local ATM.

We can pretty much take them all, including American Express – if you have one.

Farnham District Update

So we are in December already….I hope your terms have been successful.

Garners Field – 30-Nov-19 – 4th Farnham Scouts

I recently attended the Surrey Scouts Managers Moots which focused on Volunteer Recruitment.

Our District is not unique in struggling to get volunteers and I think we are doing well in accommodating anyone who wants to be part of  scouting in Farnham – the main thing is to know who you need / what you want from volunteers, it would be great to have uniformed leaders front and center but if you break down your needs into tasks we may be able to encourage more volunteers.

I personally started doing Cub Scout badge admin which quickly moved on to programme planning and leading session before putting on a uniform.

There are many resources including flyer and poster templates in the Members Resources area on the Scouts Association website:

Your section leaders or Group Scout Leader will know what tasks your Group needs help with.

From a District prospective we have a lot of hidden invaluable volunteers who really help support across the Groups – we welcome morecampsite maintenance, Scout shop volunteers, executive committee members, events organisers, appointment committee members – there is something to suit so if someone you know can give time let me know.

Talking of invaluable district teams……the Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC) has welcomed 15 new Leaders to the District this term.

3 members of the committee meet for an evening about once a month to greet our new leaders, giving them an insight into what is needed to become a leader and what support is out there, it is a great chance for the new leaders to ask questions.

So big thank you to:

Steve Thames – Manager

Jane Twitchin – Secretary

Joan Binfield

Janet Jones

Marion Stagg

Eric Goulding

Ted Milam

Please do contact Jane on if you would be happy to sit on the committee – existing leader, committee members all most welcome – full training will be given, it would not be every month, the more volunteers the less work for each, and helps us to give the right impression to new leaders.

And most welcome to our new leaders: (ASL=Assistant Section Leader)

Jo Strange                                                                   ASL – Beaver Scouts – 7th Elstead

Jack Fidler                                                                  ASL – Scouts – Bourne Troop – 5th Farnham

Mark Potter                                                                ASL –  Cubs – 8th Farnham

Carl Ingram                                                               ASL –  Beaver Scouts – 7th Elstead

Rebecca Gregory                                                     ASL –  Beaver Scouts – 8th Farnham

Gert Droogmans                                                     ASL –  Beaver Scouts – 7th Elstead

Claire Shorter                                                          ASL –  Cub Scouts – 7th Elstead             

Harry Fidler                                                             ASL –  Cub Scouts –  Wolf Pack – 5th Farnham

Frank Hammersley                                               ASL –  Cub Scouts – 7th Elstead             

Lizzie Hetherington                                             Section Assistant Scouts – 8th Rowledge

Richard Farrant                                                     ASL –  Beaver Scouts – 12th Farnham

Mark Mulberry                                                       ASL – Cub Scouts – 3rd Farnham

Liz Rhodes                                                                   ASL –  Beaver Scouts – 8th Rowledge

Haydn Burkett                                                           ASL –  Beaver Scouts – 12th Wrecclesham

Thomas Edwards                                                      Section Assistant Explorers Scorpions


Dates to Remember:

11th January – Water Activities Permit Workshop, Taylor Hall, 1pm-4pm – contact

12th January – District Thank you – Daniel Hall, 1pm-2pm – all welcome

25th January – First Aid (Scout First Response Course)  – Garners Field, 9am-4pm – book with Eric Goulding,

First Response Course

14th March – Leaders Training Day – format is in planning more details to follow – if you would like to make suggestion please e-mail me.

25-27th April – Family Camp – booking system is open – £12.50 for weekend, after 30th March £15 on the door.  DBS required for all over 18’s staying overnight.

16th-17th May – Beavers Go Wild – Bentley Corpse –

26th-27th June – Surrey Scoutabout – South of England Showground, Ardingly – register your interest with Surrey Scouts –  Karl Arnold, ADC Scout will communicate in due course.

2nd-4th October – District Camp

Out of County Events:


Garners Field – closed for out of District camping until March 2020 (District camping on discretion of Campsite Committee); can be booked for evenings please use the booking system:

If you want to book the site-check the calendar,

Help us find the Chief Scout’s Unsung Heroes.
Bear Grylls is on the lookout for 20 young people who’ve gone above and beyond. They’ll be Scouts aged 6-24 who really live our values and show courage, kindness and resilience. Each of these 20 young people will receive £500 to spend how they wish.
Read this blog (,YTRR,3D79E2,3NMRY,1) from Ollie Wood, UK Youth Commissioner, and these FAQs to find out more.
If you want to nominate a deserving young person, complete the form (,YTRR,3D79E2,3NMRX,1) by 5pm on Monday 20 January.

Adult Training:

Scout Association Important Info:

Little What do Do Cards –these can be found in the Scout Shop or alternative follow the links below:

Reporting an incident.
We’re releasing a new online incident reporting system which’ll allow you to report on incidents yourself, out of Information Centre hours. You’ll still be able to contact the Information Centre to give any incident reports over the phone, and if a critical incident occurs, it must be reported at the earliest opportunity to help us provide you with support. You’ll be able to find this new report online (,301&moduleID=10&dm_i=31ME,YTRR,3D79E2,3NMRX,1).

Take to the Skies!

Time for something a bit different?

Dates are booking for the GLSW and Surrey Scout Paragliding Club.  Download the information pack and booking form for more details.  Available to Scouts over 10½ years at the time of the flight.

  • 7th & 8th March
  • 21st & 22nd March
  • 18th & 19th April
  • 2nd & 3rd May
  • 30th & 31st May
  • 20th & 21st June
  • 4th & 5th July
  • 19th & 20th September
  • 10th & 11th October
  • 24th & 25th October

Information Pack – click HERE
Booking form – click HERE
Personal Consent form – click HERE

Ann-Marie Vinnicombe, District Commissioner,
If you would like to contribute/add events/provide photos to the next newsletter – please get in contact with me.


Farnham District Scouts – Remembrance

I am very proud that so many of our Scouters have been taking part on parades and services across the District.

2nds, 3rds and 11th Groups, with Explorers, Network and SASU were again the largest continent in the town centre:

4ths in Tongham

8ths in Rowledge

12ths in Wrecclesham





DC’s Newsletter Autumn 2019

By Ian Wilkins

Hello and welcome to the Autumn Term.

I am Ann-Marie Vinnicombe, your new District Commissioner, as such I am going through a learning curve and wanted to share information about our District make-up.

Our District cannot run without the hundreds of adult volunteers across our Groups and at District level, as well as the support from the volunteers at County and HQ Gilwell.
The District has an Executive Committee, Manda Bragg being Chair, to ensure that we adhere to charity and Scout governance as well as amongst other things ensuring the District stays solvent.

We have Jack Fidler and Mathew Whitaker as District Youth Commissioners to support youth focus programmes.

Each Scouting Section has an Assistant District Commissioner to support our Group:

  • Beavers – Ian Jacob
  • Cubs – Nicky Clements
  • Scouts – Karl Arnold

Our District has 8 Groups led by their Group Scout Leaders and Group Exec.

  • 2nd Hale – Hale Rec. – Liz Larkin
  • 3rd Town Centre – Daniel Hall – Neil Peerman
  • 4th Tongham – Poyle Rd – Bill Weller
  • 5th Bourne – Taylor Hall – Ian Turton&Liz Chart
  • 7th Elstead – Village Hall – Paul Hammersley
  • 8th Rowledge – Village Hall – Peter Everett
  • 11th East Town – Guildford Rd – Graeme Morgan
  • 12th Wrecclesham – Community Centre – Adam Chambers

We also have 4 strong Explorer Units co-ordinated by Ian Wilkins, District Explorer Scout Commissioner

  • Eigar Tigers
  • K2
  • Madcats
  • Scorpions

Neil Peerman is the District Scout Network Commissioner guiding a strong Network Unit

We also have a versatile Scout Active Support Unit, who are invaluable in supporting events across the District including the District Family Camp.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers making Scouting possible.



Garners Field

The campsite committee with massive technical support from Steve Bragg, FDSC Treasurer have updated the booking system.

If you want to book the site-check the calendar HERE
check our new map of the site to see what section you can booked.

To book the field for an evening/training – select Farnham District in Type of Organisation and then selection Yes for Group Training or Evening Use (Field) – this will prevent a charge invoice being sent.

Big thank you to Ken Powell our Campsite Manager and the ‘Monday’ Maintenance Crew without who the campsite could not run.

If you could help let us know.

What have you been up to…

District Shooting –

Over the summer the Tongham Hogshots have won a number of shooting medals, CAMELOT POSTAL: Tia – Silver 6yd air rifle Div 4 Tom L – Bronze 6yd rifle Div 8 Tom O – Bronze rifle Div 12 Eloise – Bronze 6yd air pistol Div 1 SCOUTSHOOT 2019: Hamish L – Silver turning targets Hamish W – Bronze gallery rifle Eloise – Bronze ladies plate Eloise & Elliot(Fetcham explorers) – Silver pairs team JUNIOR INTERNATIONAL 2019: Eloise represented the Scout Association and improved her personal best by 20 points and came 11th in 10m air pistol

The next competitions are the Scout National Rifle Championships in October at Bisley and the Schools Pistol Championships so the Tongham Hogshots are all hoping to improve their personal bests in all the disciplines they enter. Kim White

Tongham Hogshots meet Friday 7-9pm Tongham Scout Hut – all members of the Scouts Association welcome.

Contact Hamish:

Explorer and Network National Camp

Did you know this national camp is actually organised by Farnham’s very own Network/Explorer Teams and has been going 18 years – over 530 Scouters participated this year – well done Team.

Explorer Camp

World Jamboree

8th Scout Troop in the Lake District

8ths Beavers at Wverley Abbey



8th Scout Group at Alice Holt

8ths Cubs Fishing

Programme Ideas

Community Project/Talks:
Samantha West
Community Fundraiser
Switchboard 01252 729400
Ext: 7501

What’s coming up

  • 4th-6th Oct District Cub camp, Garners Field
  • 14th Nov – Family Camp meeting, Garners Field 7:30pm
  • 10th Nov – Remembrance Parades
  • 12th Jan-20 – District Do – 3rds Daniel Hall
  • 14th Mar-20 – Skills/Module Validation Day
  • 24th – 26th Apr-20 – Family Camp

Who is fundraising:

4th Tongham Scout Hut:

Scout Association Important Info:

Little What do Do Cards –these can be found in the Scout Shop or alternative
follow the links below:
• Yellow – Safeguarding –
• Orange – Young People Safeguarding –
• Purple – Emergency Procedures –
• Green – Scouting and Alcohol –

District Managers:
Scout Groups:

Scout Shop:
Thursday 6pm to 8pm
Saturday 9:30pm to 12noon
Open except for Main School Holidays
Always looking for volunteers
Roy Tubbs – Shop Manager

Skills and Activities – Taster Day 2019

When: 2nd November 2019.

Times: 10:00 – 16:00


Royal Alexander & Albert School, Gatton Park,
Reigate. RH2 0TD

Who: New leaders, established leaders, occasional helpers, anyone with an interest in finding new things to do with their young people, or for themselves! Any adult in Scouting.

Cost: Free!


Lots of activities to try!
Axe throwing
Camp cooking
and loads more!
Advice on:
Youth Shaped Scouting
Top awards
Young Leaders
International experiences

Visit the:


County SASUs


The Event Support Team

Do more.
Learn more.
Share more.

Fame At Last!

Old DC out, new DC in!

The story hit the press!

Yes the Farnham Herald has posted the attached article this week, covering the story of Garners Goes Bananas plus change of DC’s.

Though they give the impression that Philip has left scouting, which of course he has not!


AGM 2019

Farnham District held their AGM on the 11th July at Garner’s Field in the evening. 

This was a special occasion as Philip German was stepping down as District Commissioner and Ann-Marie Vinnicombe became the new DC.  Guest were invited, Mayor of Waverley, Mary Foryszewski, Mayor of Farnham, Pat Evans, Councillor David Attfield, County Commissioner, Joe Rogerson and Rev. Jaqueline Drake-Smith. 

During the AGM procedure, Philip made his annual report, in which he reflected on the nine years he had been DC.  

Philip expressed his pride with what has been achieved from building projects, great District Team & leaders, providing good training programmes, increased by 43% the number of young people who have joined Scouting and the re-opening of 12th Farnham Scout Group. Marching with nearly 200 people behind him through Town on many Remembrance Sundays and so much more. 

Philip also thanked Davide Attfield who was Mayor last year and chose Farnham Scouts as his Charity raising £6,000 towards “Garners go Bananas” project. 

Ann-Marie Vinnicombe was invested as the new DC by Joe Rogerson and made her Scout Oath to Joe, along with Scout members attending the meeting. 

Philip then gave the DC Commendation to Ken Powell, Eric Goulding and Adam Chambers of the 12th Wrecclesham Scout Group.  Matt Larkin, district secretary, also received his 10 year long service award.

Joe Rogerson made a lovely speech extolling all that Philip had done for the district for which the District and Philip should be enormously proud.  This was followed by a standing ovation to Philip. 

Lastly a presentation was made by the District Chair, Manda Bragg, who presented Philip with a plaque in acknowledgment of his time as DC along with a present, a Seiko watch with the Scout logo on its face.

Also a card beautifully created and made by Marion Stagg, District Beaver Scout Leader, in which all the Scout Groups, Leaders, District Team and more signed was given to Philip.  Manda also presented Linda German with a bouquet of flowers thanking her for sharing Philip with us and supporting him for those nine years and for all she has done. 

Philips Plaque
What a Watch!
The Dignatories!
Marion with DCs card

Some of the Explorers who are going to the Jamboree in Japan then gave a presentation and explained more about what they will be doing and how they are looking forward to the trip.

The meeting was followed by refreshments and a finger buffet provided by Janet Watts and Bob & Joyce Peerman from the SASU.  Janet also made a lovely fruit cake, on one half of the iced cake was the words “Thank you Philip” the other half “Welcome Ann-Marie”. 

It was a great evening and it was wonderful to see so many people come to “thank” Philip and to officially welcome Ann-Marie as our new DC. 

The DCs with cake
The cake
Ken receives his award
Ken and Jenny Powell
Adam receives his award
Eric receives his award
The lucky Jamboree Explorers
Old and new DCs with CC