Long Service Awards

Service Awards are awarded for years service as an adult member of the Scout Association in increments of 5 years. 

February 2021

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Sua Daborn – Group Administrator – 4th Farnham (Tongham)

Matthew Willis – Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)


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Jackie Bland – Group Chair – 4th Farnham (Tongham)

Niall Arnold – Assistant Scout Leader – 4th Farnham (Tongham)

Angela Cowdry – Assistant Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Alison Beverley – Assistant Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Nicholas Smith – Assistant Scout Leader – 11th Farnham


November 2020

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David Harvey – K2 Explorers  – Assistant Explorer Leader

Anne Croll – 5th Farnham (Bourne) – Assistant Beaver Leader

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Linda German – Farnham District – Scout Active Support Unit

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Karl Arnold – Farnham District – Scout Active Support Unit

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Paul Hammersley – Elstead Eagles – Explorer Leader

Simon Hancock  – Elstead Eagles – Assistant Explorer Leader

Liz Larkin – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – Group Scout Leader

Brennan Healey – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – Assistant Scout Leader

Philip Drapper – 4th Farnham (Tongham) – Assistant Scout Leader

Joe Hutchins – 4th Farnham (Tongham) – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

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Ken Allan – 2nd Farnham (Hale) – Group Treasurer

Helen Monroe – 3rd Farnham – Group Administrator

Simon Lomas-Clarke – 3rd Farnham – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Surinder Rattan – 4th Farnham (Tongham) – Beaver Scout Leader

Naomi Springer – 5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Cub Scout Leader

Dan Josty- 5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Cub Scout Leader

Elspeth Fletcher – 5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Assistant Cub Scout Leader

Jack Fidler – Farnham District/5th Farnham (Bourne)  – District Youth Commissioner/Assistant Scout Leader

Ian Turton – K2 Explorers/5th Farnham (Bourne)  – Assistant Explorer/Groups Scout Leader

Richard Banes-Walker – 8th Farnham (Rowledge) – Cub Scout Leader

Richard Adolph – 8th Farnham (Rowledge) – Assistant Scout Leader

Louise Cocks – 8th Farnham (Rowledge) – Assistant Scout Leader




Wood Badges

Since September 1919 adult volunteers in the Scouts have been awarded the Wood Badge on the completion of their leader training.  

The current training is module driven in a combination of courses, 1:1 sessions, workbooks and validation of practical skills; drawing from the leaders life knowledge and experience.

It is mandatory that a leader complete the training within 3 years of taking on a role; if a leader changes role they have to revalidate certain modules of the training and additional modules if their role is a ‘managerial’ role(GSL,ADC).

Please discuss with your Training Adviser to progress your training. Wood Badge Training Link

HQ process applications throughout the year and issues Wood Badge Beads and Certificates 4 times a year.

February 2021

Sarah Kay – Assistant Scout Leader – 2nd Farnham (Hale)

James Nicholls – Assistant Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Debbie Ollerenshaw – Beaver Scouts Leader – 7th Farnham (Elstead)

Rachel Mason – Beaver Scout Leader – 8th Farnham (Rowledge)


Ian Wilkins – Explorer Scout Leader – K2 Explorer Unit

Sarah Imrie – Assistant Scout Leader – 3rd Farnham

Robin Bunce  – Scout Leader – 4th Farnham (Tongham)

Dominic Getting – Assistant Section Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Liz Chart – Beaver Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Matthew Willis – Scout Leader – 5th Farnham (Bourne)

Austin Tolkien – Beaver Scout Leader – 11th Farnham

Nicholas Smith – Assistant Scout Leader – 11th Farnham


November 2020

Denise Weller – Madcats Explorer Unit – Assistant Explorer Leader

Liz Chart – 5th Farnham (Bourne) – Group Scout Leader

Ian Turton – 5th Farnham (Bourne) – Group Scout Leader

Nicky Clements – Farnham District – Assistant District Commissioner (Cub Scouts)

Remembrance 2020

Remembrance 2020




7th Elstead Remembrance Video












Readiness Risk Level moves to RED in England

The Scout Association has announced that for the duration of the 4 week lockdown the Readiness Risk Level moves to RED in England.

E-mails should have been received by all members.


This means that all face to face scouting must cease from Thursday 5th November 2020.

Each Volunteer, Section, Groups/Unit will decide on the level of virtual Scouting that they can provide – all decisions will be respected and full support given in all circumstances.

Both the District Scout Shop and Garners Field will close during this 4 week lockdown.

I will let you know once the TSA changes their risk level and the conditions of that level.

Please stay safe and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Farnham District Scout Council
Ann-Marie Vinnicombe
District Commissioner
Farnham District Scout Council
T: +44 (0)7410381071 | E: dc@farnhamscouting.com | W: https://www.farnhamscouting.com

From tomorrow in England there can be no face-to-face activity with young people or adult volunteers, in accordance with…

Posted by The Scouts on Wednesday, 4 November 2020


Farnham Scout Shop

Farnham District Scout Shop Re-Opening

Farnham Scout Shop will be reopening on Saturday September 19th 2020.

For the time being, the shop will only be open from 9:30 to 12noon on Saturdays during school terms times as well as half term.

Once we feel there is a sufficient requirement we will be opening again on Thursday evenings.

There will be a few changes to how we manage the shop and a copy of the customer instructions as below will be posted on the doors.

For any Group requiring badges in quantity please contact our Badge Secretary Denise (badges@farnhamscouting.com) – given the current climate please forgive us if there is a little longer delay than usual in obtaining your badges and letting you know they are ready for collection at the shop.

Our pricing policy remains as set by Scout Store and in general our prices match those found at Scout Store’s on-line shop – by buying at the Farnham District Scout Shop you avoid P & P, return any profits to local scouting, can see the goods first hand (albeit currently with some vid restrictions) plus Leaders if authorised can charge goods to their Group Account.

We are very lucky to have a team of volunteers to enable the opening of the shop and I wish to thank them for all the past of future commitments, particularly Roy Tubbs, Shop Manager who has worked hard ensuring the shop is safe to open again.

The Shop remains at: https://farnhamscouting.com/website/ourshop/ with all details.

Should you have any queries on the above (or indeed any aspect of the Farnham Scout Shop) please feel free to contact Roy; Scoutshop@farnhamscouting.com or day/evening 01428 – 607848.

When the time is right for you we looking forward to seeing you back at the Farnham District Scout Shop






Farnham District Scouts – Meeting Suspension

Following the Government statement given earlier today, the message below has been sent out by Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner, Scouts.

Based on this Farnham District Scout Groups, District Explorer Units, District Network Unit and Scout Active Support Units meetings will be suspended until further notice.

Further communications will be made in regard to events, training courses and Garner’s Field in due course.

Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you have any concerns.

Thank you

Ann-Marie Vinnicombe
District Commissioner
Farnham District Scout Council



Dear all,

I’m writing to share critical pieces of information relating to the developing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. This email follows my previous communications with volunteer managers over the past few weeks.

Late this afternoon, the Prime Minister has said that everyone in the UK should now avoid non-essential travel and contact with others.

Suspension of face-to-face activities

Given this guidance, all face-to-face Scout meetings, activities and events must be suspended from tomorrow, Tuesday, 17 March 2020. This suspension applies to young people and adults, and will be until further notice.

We must continue to respond to the developing situation in a calm, measured and appropriate way. We will continue to follow official guidance. The safety of everyone involved in Scouts, both young people and adults, is our number one priority. That is always at the heart of our decision making.

Government advice

The Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage is frequently updated as things develop, so please check it regularly at www.gov.uk/coronavirus.


Given the latest Government guidance, we are cancelling the following events:

  • Day of Celebration at Windsor
  • Beaver and Cub Fundays at Gilwell Park and Woodhouse Park
  • Gilwell 24

We will be communicating to specific audiences about these event cancellations over the next week. We’d ask that you wait for this information to be sent out rather than contacting us immediately, due to the volume of enquiries we are currently receiving.

Event organisers

If you or your team are involved in organising any future Scout events, you will now need to review these plans and risk assessments given this new guidance.

Jamborees and other large events

If applicable, we suggest you regularly check the websites of relevant large-scale events, for example, Jamborees and camps, for specific updates from the organisers.

European Jamboree

The organisers of the European Jamboree 2020 in Poland have shared this update and continue to add to their frequently asked questions on the changing situation here. If applicable, please continue to monitor these updates.

Scout trips abroad

We asked the Government (the Department for Culture, Media and Sport) for clarity about youth groups travelling abroad, as the current advice only specifies school trips. We will let you know when we receive an update.

As well as the Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website has the latest information, guidance and travel advice, along with details of any restrictions – which must be followed.

Travel insurance

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation may have implications for your travel insurance. Check with your insurers directly about the levels of cover. If you have taken insurance through Unity, they have provided an update here.

Scout Information Centre

The Scout Information Centre will only be able to deal with emails and web chat until further notice. As you can imagine, we are experiencing an unprecedented level of enquiries at the moment, so please use the Government guidance as your primary reference where possible.

Keeping you updated

The Government have now committed to daily briefings. So we can keep you up to date, we have created a webpage: scouts.org.uk/coronavirus which we’ll update from tomorrow.

Doing our bit

I think we all agree that it’s in challenging times like these, that our Scout values matter most. We are talking to the Government and other community organisations to see how Scouts can support our country during this crisis. We must make sure that we do this in the safest possible way, and don’t put anyone at further risk. We will update you more on this over the coming weeks.

Scouting at home

We are planning to share activities for young people to do at home with their parents if families are faced with self-isolation. We will be communicating more about this soon.

Thank you

As always, I want to say a big thank you for everything you do for Scouts. By checking and following the latest Government advice and by taking a calm and measured approach, we can continue to ensure that young people and adults stay safe.

Best wishes,

Tim Kidd

UK Chief Commissioner



Farnham District Training Day – Saturday 14th March 2020

Open to All Adult Volunteers

9am to 11am – Safeguarding course https://farnhamscouting.com/website/event/mandatory-safeguarding-training/

11:30am to 1:30pm – Safety course https://farnhamscouting.com/website/event/mandatory-safety-training/

From 10am (approx. 2hrs) – Raft build training and permit assessment https://farnhamscouting.com/website/event/raft-build-train…ermit-assessment/

2pm to 4:30pm – Skills Bases – turn up and, learn.

  • Backwoods Cooking
  • Fire Lighting
  • Camp Lighting
  • Knives/Axes
  • Hammocks
  • Map and compass
  • Digital Maker

Any queries please do not hesitate to e-mail: dc@farnhamscouting.com


Into the 21st Century!!

Hurrah, Hurrah!!

Hot News folks……

Our thriving Scout Shop, based in Daniel Hall now takes credit and debit cards.

Yes you can now pay for your scouting goodies by whipping out your piece of plastic, instead of having to remember cash or go to the local ATM.

We can pretty much take them all, including American Express – if you have one.