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Farnham District Scout Council




The purpose of this Policy Document is to define within the Scouting Association’s ‘Policy Organisation and Rules’ the requirements for Farnham District Scouting to organise and operate with respect to those scouting activities for which it is responsible.

1.   Policy Organisation & Rules (POR)

All scouting in Farnham will be in accordance with the latest rules and guidelines as published by the Scout Association in POR.

2.   Finance

2.1.  Day to day running costs

  • The day to day running costs for Farnham District are to be covered by the annual District membership fees paid by members.
  • The District Executive will set the fees in December each year for the following year.
  • The District Treasurer should hold reserves in the bank sufficient to cover general expenditure to run the District’s administration and normal District activities (including membership fees for the District Team and SAS unit) for at least one year.
  • Surplus funds generated from the Scout Shop, Campsite, District activities or fund raising are to be added to the general funds for the District Executive to use for the benefit of the District membership.

2.2.  General Expenditure

  • District Team members incurring small incidental expenses on behalf of the District may claim retrospectively for those expenses (the appropriate claim form being obtainable from the District Treasurer or downloaded from the District Website). Any expenditure claimed will require the countersignature of the appropriate scouting line manager.
  • The District Commissioner is to countersign any expense claims submitted by the District Executive Chairman and the District Executive Chairman is to countersign any expense claims submitted by the District Commissioner.
  • Larger items of expenditure will require prior approval by the District Executive. The District Treasurer should report details of all incidental expenditure claimed at each District Executive Committee meeting.

2.3.  Bank Accounts

  • The District Treasurer must be a signatory on all District bank accounts including those of the Explorer, Campsite and Scout Shop accounts.
  • All bank accounts will require a minimum of two signatures to carry out transactions.
  • Where bank account transactions are carried out electronically on line, any arrangements used shall incorporate means for a second pre-approved person to authorise such actions.

2.4.  Gift Aid

The Gift Aid scheme should be used and promoted both at District and Group level. Expenses incurred by District officials, including District Executive members should be routinely claimed using the Gift Aid scheme to donate back.

2.5.  Training

  • The District will reimburse the cost of mandatory modular training for adults holding appointments in Farnham District after proof of attendance.
  • The District Executive will finance those members who are required to complete the NSPCC’s ‘Keeping Children Safe’ course as part of their training.
  • A discretionary contribution toward other relevant training courses may be available on prior application to the District Executive through the District Training Manager and District Commissioner.

2.6.  Uniform

  • The District will finance the provision of basic uniform items (i.e. shirt/blouse, trousers/skirt, belt and tie) for Leaders newly appointed into District roles.
  • The District Executive may make discretionary awards for uniform against any application made through the District Commissioner.

2.7.   Insurance

2.7.1   The District shall take out and maintain in place all necessary insurances(s) with respect to District owned or managed Facilities, Goods, Equipment and Events including Third Party and Public Liability where appropriate.

2.7.2   Where a privately owned vehicle is used for District or Group purposes the Driver(s) shall verify that the vehicle is fully insured for the intended Scouting use.

2.7.3 Where a vehicle is hired for District or Group use it is to be insured ‘Fully Comprehensive’. The Hirer(s) shall verify if any ‘Excess Waiver Insurance’ is available and where such is offered, accept it to minimise potential financial exposure to District in the event of a claim arising.

3.   Activities

3.1.  District Events

  • All District events are to be planned and budgeted sufficiently far in advance to be self-funding and to ensure provision of an adequate cash flow.
  • Budgets should be presented to the District Executive through the District Commissioner or by presentation to the District Executive Committee at least four months before the event.
  • Any surplus funds following the event will be added to the general District funds. Funds will not be ring fenced for any particular section to use.

3.2.  District Equipment

  • The District Executive will hold an inventory of all District equipment that is to be updated annually.
  • District activity advisors are responsible for the care and maintenance of District equipment held.
  • District activity advisors may charge users whatever fee or deposit they deem appropriate to ensure that all equipment is maintained and returned in a sound and serviceable condition.

3.3.  Jamboree

  • The District Executive shall determine the number of places to allow suitable candidates to represent Farnham at each official World Jamboree.
  • The District Commissioner will nominate an individual to act as a “Jamboree Coordinator” whose role will be to manage both the selection process and then have ongoing liaison with candidates and parents to ensure funding deadlines are advised and achieved.
  • The “Jamboree Coordinator” will arrange for a suitable selection procedure to be set in motion before committing to the places offered by County.
  • The District will contribute one third of the cost of each stage payment with the balance to be raised by the Candidate/Group/Unit.

3.4.  Garner’s Field Campsite

  • The site is to be used as a facility for Scouting and other youth organisations. The District Executive will encourage the facilities to be utilised to their maximum potential to benefit the young people.
  • There will be no fee for District meetings or events where no charge is made to participants. Other District events should be budgeted for and an agreed camp fee included in the charging.
  • Members of Farnham scouting will be charged a lesser fee than scouting members from outside the District or from non-scouting youth organisations.
  • General campsite policy will be formulated by the Campsite Committee and ratified by the District Executive.

4.   Scout Shop

All operational decisions are the responsibility of the Shop Manager and Shop Team but policy decisions must be referred to the District Executive for approval.

5.   Health & Safety

5.1.  Health & Safety Policy

  • Farnham District adheres to the Health and Safety requirements detailed in POR including the requirement that all District events and activities involving young people must complete a written Risk Assessment.
  • A ‘Safety Officer’ is to be appointed for all District events.

5.2.  Mini Bus Driving

  • Any driver transporting members of the Scout Association by mini bus (a vehicle with between 9 and 16 passenger seats) must hold a current MiDAS certificate.
  • The District Executive will reimburse the full cost of MiDAS training for a maximum of two people per Group (or Unit) per year.
  • Holders of other recognised qualifications for passenger vehicles may be exempt, but must have written authorisation from the District Commissioner prior to taking Members on the public highway.

5.3.  Smoking

  • Smoking is not allowed in the presence of young people or in any building or structure being used for scouting.
  • Leaders who smoke must do so responsibly and out of sight and away from young people.

5.4.  Alcohol

  • Farnham District adheres to the rules as detailed in POR Rule 2.4.d.
  • Adults must not consume alcohol when they are directly responsible for young people involved in a scouting activity.
  • At least two responsible adults must refrain from taking alcohol at any scouting event, camp or overnight experience.

6.   Review

  • This policy document shall be reviewed annually by the Farnham District Executive. The results of the review should be noted in the minutes and this document updated as necessary and re-issued.
  • The Chairman of the District Executive is to sign the policy document and a copy then retained by the District Secretary.
  • Copies of the policy document are to be made available to the membership of the District Executive and a copy posted on the District website.


Nothing in this document is to countermand the first statement of this Policy:-

‘All scouting in Farnham will be in accordance with the latest rules and guidelines as published by the Scout Association in POR’.

These two documents can be downloaded by clicking on one of these two icons:-

District Policy - PDF format      District Policy - Word format

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