DC Newsletter July 2018

DC Notes July 2018

Hello Everyone

I don’t usually do notes at the end of July but there are a couple of items worthy of note.

Ann-Marie Vinnicombe has agreed to become Deputy District Commissioner from September.

Ann-Marie is currently ASL at the 8ths and has been supporting me in the background over the past few months, she will be continuing at the 8ths while taking on additional duties as Deputy DC. My role as DC ends in August 2019.

Its been a great month for grants, £1,000 from The Mayor, £3,000.00 from The Rank Organisation Charity and £7,200 from The Farnham Lions.

We have raised £35,165.00 in grants so far and are on track to commence building work on the Activity Centre in January.

I have really enjoyed Facebook, watching lots of young people having a great time summer camping in the sun, thank you and well done.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Summer and see you all in September for another great year of Scouting.


Dates For Your Diary

6th September SASu

6th September County AGM

25th September District Executive 8pm Garners

1st October SASu Chris’s Quiz 8pm Garners

6th-7th October Beaver Camp Garners Field

12th-14th October District Scout Training Camp

12-14th October District Cub sixers and seconders camp

6th November SASu Skittles Jolly Farmer

6th December SASu Christmas Dinner Daniel Hall


9th February Mayors Charity Concert in aid of Garners Goes Bananas

February-march District Gang Show??

26th-28th April 2019 Family Camp

22nd June 2019 SCRAM County Cub Day

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