DC’s Newsletter Autumn 2019

By Ian Wilkins

Hello and welcome to the Autumn Term.

I am Ann-Marie Vinnicombe, your new District Commissioner, as such I am going through a learning curve and wanted to share information about our District make-up.

Our District cannot run without the hundreds of adult volunteers across our Groups and at District level, as well as the support from the volunteers at County and HQ Gilwell.
The District has an Executive Committee, Manda Bragg being Chair, to ensure that we adhere to charity and Scout governance as well as amongst other things ensuring the District stays solvent.

We have Jack Fidler and Mathew Whitaker as District Youth Commissioners to support youth focus programmes.

Each Scouting Section has an Assistant District Commissioner to support our Group:

  • Beavers – Ian Jacob
  • Cubs – Nicky Clements
  • Scouts – Karl Arnold

Our District has 8 Groups led by their Group Scout Leaders and Group Exec.

  • 2nd Hale – Hale Rec. – Liz Larkin
  • 3rd Town Centre – Daniel Hall – Neil Peerman
  • 4th Tongham – Poyle Rd – Bill Weller
  • 5th Bourne – Taylor Hall – Ian Turton&Liz Chart
  • 7th Elstead – Village Hall – Paul Hammersley
  • 8th Rowledge – Village Hall – Peter Everett
  • 11th East Town – Guildford Rd – Graeme Morgan
  • 12th Wrecclesham – Community Centre – Adam Chambers

We also have 4 strong Explorer Units co-ordinated by Ian Wilkins, District Explorer Scout Commissioner

  • Eigar Tigers
  • K2
  • Madcats
  • Scorpions

Neil Peerman is the District Scout Network Commissioner guiding a strong Network Unit

We also have a versatile Scout Active Support Unit, who are invaluable in supporting events across the District including the District Family Camp.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers making Scouting possible.



Garners Field

The campsite committee with massive technical support from Steve Bragg, FDSC Treasurer have updated the booking system.

If you want to book the site-check the calendar HERE
check our new map of the site to see what section you can booked.

To book the field for an evening/training – select Farnham District in Type of Organisation and then selection Yes for Group Training or Evening Use (Field) – this will prevent a charge invoice being sent.

Big thank you to Ken Powell our Campsite Manager and the ‘Monday’ Maintenance Crew without who the campsite could not run.

If you could help let us know.

What have you been up to…

District Shooting –

Over the summer the Tongham Hogshots have won a number of shooting medals, CAMELOT POSTAL: Tia – Silver 6yd air rifle Div 4 Tom L – Bronze 6yd rifle Div 8 Tom O – Bronze rifle Div 12 Eloise – Bronze 6yd air pistol Div 1 SCOUTSHOOT 2019: Hamish L – Silver turning targets Hamish W – Bronze gallery rifle Eloise – Bronze ladies plate Eloise & Elliot(Fetcham explorers) – Silver pairs team JUNIOR INTERNATIONAL 2019: Eloise represented the Scout Association and improved her personal best by 20 points and came 11th in 10m air pistol

The next competitions are the Scout National Rifle Championships in October at Bisley and the Schools Pistol Championships so the Tongham Hogshots are all hoping to improve their personal bests in all the disciplines they enter. Kim White

Tongham Hogshots meet Friday 7-9pm Tongham Scout Hut – all members of the Scouts Association welcome.

Contact Hamish: wobble@sky.com

Explorer and Network National Camp

Did you know this national camp is actually organised by Farnham’s very own Network/Explorer Teams and has been going 18 years – over 530 Scouters participated this year – well done Team.

Explorer Camp

World Jamboree

8th Scout Troop in the Lake District

8ths Beavers at Wverley Abbey



8th Scout Group at Alice Holt

8ths Cubs Fishing

Programme Ideas

Community Project/Talks:
Samantha West
Community Fundraiser
Switchboard 01252 729400
Ext: 7501

What’s coming up

  • 4th-6th Oct District Cub camp, Garners Field
  • 14th Nov – Family Camp meeting, Garners Field 7:30pm
  • 10th Nov – Remembrance Parades
  • 12th Jan-20 – District Do – 3rds Daniel Hall
  • 14th Mar-20 – Skills/Module Validation Day
  • 24th – 26th Apr-20 – Family Camp

Who is fundraising:

4th Tongham Scout Hut:

Scout Association Important Info:

Little What do Do Cards –these can be found in the Scout Shop or alternative
follow the links below:
• Yellow – Safeguarding – https://scouts.org.uk/media/996788/Yellow-Card.pdf
• Orange – Young People Safeguarding –https://scouts.org.uk/media/914973/VO-Orange-Card_March2018-V4-Screen.pdf
• Purple – Emergency Procedures –https://members.scouts.org.uk/documents/safety/Emergency%20card%20(Purple%20Card)%20screen%202019%20v3.pdf
• Green – Scouting and Alcohol –https://scouts.org.uk/media/1041119/Green-Card.pdf

District Managers:

Scout Groups: https://farnhamscouting.com/website/home/farnham-scout-groups/
Campsite: campsitebookings@farnhamscouting.com

Scout Shop:
Thursday 6pm to 8pm
Saturday 9:30pm to 12noon
Open except for Main School Holidays
Always looking for volunteers
Roy Tubbs – Shop Manager
E: scoutshop@farnhamscouting.com

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