Farnham District Family Camp 2022

Farnham District Scouts

In my humble opinion Family Camp 2022 was a real success, the atmosphere and the smiling faces the main give away.

If anyone has photos that I can publicly used I would really appreciate being sent them – https://farnhamscouting.com/website/family-camp-2022-pictures/

Thank you to everyone who has helped ensure that this Family Camp happened from set-up to completion to taking part, and to those who will be still working to break camp this week. There are many hands involved, many volunteers, without which we could not stage this fantastic event.

I like to thank the Mayor of Farnham Councilor Alan Earwaker for his words at our St George’s Service and also Surrey Scouts, Paul Iverson, ACC Scout

I would like to particularly thank;

Site and Booking Team; Gary, Davis, Oli, Eric, Philip, Nicky, Josh, Linda, Danielle, Janet, Michael, Scotty, Steve, Austin. Matt and others who help with set up throughout the week before.

Amenities; Pat – who keeps our facilities clean and tidy.

Café – Gill, Brian, Sarah, Anna

District Activities – Crafts – Chris, Janet, Climbing – Bill, Tom, Hamish and team, Archery – Judith, Stephen and team

Groups/Network – we are very lucky to have had such a variety of activities put on by each Group/Network all of which take planning, time and work to assemble and operation.

Explorers – firstly to the leaders who enable the Explorers to camp as a family and the Explorers that attended and volunteered not only on the inflatables but where they were needed including kayaking, café, archery and runway.

Garners Field Monday Crew – without whom we would not have such a beautiful site.


A special thank you to the organisations below who gave their time and expertise for free;

Blackwater Valley Canoe Club – https://www.bvcc.org.uk/ ; https://www.facebook.com/BlackwaterValleyCC
Mark, Tegan & Leon Taiko Drumming – http://www.farnhamtaiko.club/ ; https://www.facebook.com/farnhamtaiko
Jaz, Reptasia – https://www.facebook.com/reptasia.events


Thank you to Herons Wey Campsite for allowing us to park, especially Hazel, Site Manager who helped with traffic control.

For anyone interested I have listed below all the outside companies we use.

Please do let us know if we can do anything to improve next years’ Family Camp – I hope you to see you all in there – save the weekend Friday 20th to 23rd April 2023

Thank you



Silent Disco – www.thesilent.party
Inflatables – www.BestBounce.co.uk
Cave – http://eventhigher.co.uk/
Mr Giant – https://www.facebook.com/Mr-Giant-Childrens-Entertainer-Dr-Blendo-Mad-Science-Parties-121376751268044

Toilets – www.surreytoilethire.co.uk
Water Bowser – https://www.surreyhire.co.uk/


Ann-Marie Vinnicombe
District Commissioner
Farnham District Scout Council

T: +44 (0)7410381071 | E: dc@farnhamscouting.com | W: https://www.farnhamscouting.com.

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