Parent, Guardian, Carer information

Hello everyone

We would like to build a database of parents, guardians or carers for the children that are in the Farnham District Scout, Cubs, Beavers groups.

This will help us to be able to contact parents, guardians or carers with various elements of information, events, happenings and so on, so that their child does not miss out, or at the very least know what is happening in the Farnham District Scouting community.

Your District is a thriving community and we get up to a lot, do a lot and have lots of facilities at hand that your child can enjoy and participate in.  It would be a shame if they missed out on something if they did not know about it!

Hence we would like to build this database, which will be separate to the one we already have on leaders and officers.  We will not give the information away to any third parties and it will be kept solely for the use of the Scout Council to contact you when appropriate.

Please click on the link below to complete the information form.

Parents and Careers/Helpers Contact Information

Thank you in advance.


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