SASU Skittles Evening

Well the SASU skittles evening went well.

Plenty attended…

Steve Thames and his wife won the “main event” and in the knock out competition Roy Tubbs wife , Margaret, won.  You should have seen Roys face, ho ho.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and a close eye was kept on the score keeper, who seemed to be getting close to winning himself at one stage!!  Tee Hee…..

The Jolly farmer knocked up a good dinner for all of us and we all got presents of Walnuts bags from Bob and his wife, daughters farm.

The DC gave out two special awards during the evening.  These were special District awards given out at the DC’s discretion, personally by him.  The awards were given to Wilf Parkin, who is leaving to live in Devon, and Chris Moss, who has stepped down as DC Cubs.  Both have given long, dilligent service to Farnham Scouting and are a complete credit.

Both seemed pleased 🙂

Took ages for the author to get the reflection of the back of the DC’s head out of the first image!

Next SASU event is the Christmas Do at the 3rd’s on December 6th, 7pm.  Cost is only £15 per head and Network, who run the event, put on a splendid show and splendid food.

So do come along to this event.


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