Farnham District Training Team

Local Training Manager – Liz Chart – Liz.Chart@5thfarnham.org.uk

Training Advisor – 1st Aid = Laura Dando – training@farnhamscouting.com


Training Advisors:

Liz Larkin 2nd Farnham (Hale)
Bill Weller 4th Farnham (Tongham)
Janet Jones 4th Farnham (Tongham)
Angii Cowdry 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Dominic Getting 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Liz Chart 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Mark Ousey 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Matt Willis 5th Farnham (Bourne)
Debbie Ollerenshaw 7th Farnham (Elstead)
Peter Everett 8th Farnham (Rowledge)
Graeme Morgan 11th Farnham
Adam Chambers 12th Farnham (Wrecclesham)
Ian Wilkins Explorers
Paul Hammersley Explorers
Ann-Marie Vinnicombe Farnham District
Marion Stagg Farnham District
Nicky Clements Farnham District

Farnham District Permit Holders

The following leaders have Scout Permits or necessary training to lead sessions:

Archery – Farnham District Archery Permits – Farnham Scouting

Climbing – Farnham District Climbing Permits – Farnham Scouting

Nights Away – Farnham District Nights Away Permits and Assessors – Farnham Scouting

Shooting – Farnham District Shooting Qualified – Farnham Scouting

Tomahawks – Tomahawk Trained – Farnham Scouting

Water – Farnham District Water Permits – Farnham Scouting


Farnham District Scouts – Tomahawk Throwing Instructor Course – 10th May 2020


The Instructor Course is a day long course, as prescribed by the Scout policy on Tomahawk Throwing (FS120011).

You will learn:

  • How to provide Tomahawk Throwing as an activity for our young people
  • What equipment can and can’t be used
  • How to construct a range
  • Throwing techniques and how to correct them
  • Session plans, targets, competitions and games

  You will need:  Sturdy foot-ware & long-trousers. Training will be inside and out, so dress for the weather with waterproofs, layers, gloves, sun cream etc.!

 We will provide: Coffee, Teas and Biscuits. Bring your own lunch

 Times: 10th May 2020, 9am-4pm

 Location: 11th Farnham HQ, Guildford Road Trading Estate, Farnham,

 Cost: £30. Spaces are limited so pre-register  to book a place.

 Contact: Guy Elliot, 11th Farnham Cubs – guy.elliot@environment-agency.gov.uk


Dates to remember

We are extremely lucky to have a raft of Meetings, Training, Events, Activities organised/set-up just waiting for you to get involved; we are all volunteers, we all know time is precious, please take the opportunity to participate – have your say, learn, improve and have fun.

Check out our Website for information and updates: https://farnhamscouting.com/website/

Please follow our Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/farnhamscouting/

Date to remember:


  • 3rd February – GSL/District Managers Meeting – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 5th February – SASU Planning Meeting – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 10th February – Scout Leaders Meeting – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 12th February – Family Camp Planning meeting (part 2) – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 3rd March – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 2nd June – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 9th July – District AGM – Garners Field – 8pm
  • 22nd September – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm
  • 8th December – District Exec – Garners Field – 7:30pm

Mandatory and Leader Training

Check out the Surrey Scouts Training – https://farnhamscouting.com/website/surrey-scouts-training/


  • 26th-28th June – Scoutabout – South of England Showground, Ardingly – https://www.surrey-scouts.org.uk/events/scoutabout-2020
  • 24th-7th August – European Jamboree – Poland – Good luck to our representatives
  • 2nd-4th October – District Camp – Garners Field.
  • May-21 – Frantic21 – joint Farnham, Hazelmere, Godalming Scouts and Guiding weekend event

Activity Training

If you are interested in any of the sessions in red please contact Dominic – dominic.getting@5thfarnham.org.uk

Check out the Surrey Scouts Activities – https://www.surrey-scouts.org.uk/activities

If you would like to something specific set up please contact me ( dc@farnhamscouting.com) and we can see what we can do; the aim is to have your say, learn, improve and have fun.

Surrey Scouts Training

Book via: Surrey Scouts Training

The following workshops could be useful:

Safeguarding on Thursday 13th February, 7:30 to 10pm, Ripley

Safety on Thursday 5th March, 7:30 to 10pm, Ripley

Mods 1 and 3 on Sunday 15th March, in Guildford tba, 10am to 3pm

First Response Sunday 23rd March 10 a.m to 4p.m, Ripley

First Response Sunday 5th April 10a.m to 4p.m, Ripley